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i am eating multigrain toast with cheddar cheese right now. and all together it tastes like cinnamon.


the fridge in this temporary apartment from which i pulled my cheddar cheese is awfully full of jam. that's what i caught my attention this morning during the cheese extraction. so much jam. so many jars of jam.

i've noticed this. always a lot of jam in apartments where girls reside. and yet i've never really seen girls eat jam. well, there was this one time that my fried carolyn ordered jam with her toast at a restaurant, but she was following a vegan diet and i pointed out that jam usually has an animal extract in it and everyone at the table gave me a nasty look. and that was that.

i myself like jam. very much. most especially that of the raspberry hero persuasion. and i like my cheese kerrygold. there i said. swedish and irish. i have an international palate.

there's always that moment moving into a new place when someone else's mess becomes your mess and the feeling of disease abates (as in not at ease, not the medical condition). i'm waiting for that.

already it's a wee bit better. i bought myself a lamp from wal-mart. it's silver with a white shade and very classy, if i do say so myself. and i've put a pretty blue sheet and flowering comforter on the raised twin-bed.

it's just that, out of all the jars of jam in the fridge not-a-one is mine.

so this adjusting thing may take a little time.

ps: i can't thank you all enough for your loving comments and emails. the amount of kindness and comfort you have provided me with is deeply humbling. so thank you, thank you, a hundred times over, thank you. and after the first good cry on that first afternoon i've been tear-free. all is well on this end.


Meghan said...

I wish you luck as you settle into your new surroundings. It'll take time, but you will! Maybe a jar of raspberry Hero will help you feel more at home? : )

BreakingOutOfTheShell<3 said...

Jam Yum!

I hope you find your place in the new city soon :)

love the new header btw!!


communikate. said...

jam. yep totally sounds like a utah thing. is it homemade too? probably. :)

so are you in slc or provo? if the later, it must be extra strange coming from new york.

hit up the coal umbrella(on university) for some vintage finds. enjoy some great pizza at pizzeria 712 in orem. and definitely get some ice cream at the BYU creamery. it's delish.

when you can get away, head up the mountains to park city! the food is wonderful and the mountains are fantastic.

p.s. love the new header.

Claire Kiefer said...

Yes! It's so important to feel like you're living in YOUR place, not just A place. I hope that adding your jar of jam to the fridge is just one of many steps to feeling at home. :)

Katie said...

mmm... I'm a Kerrygold lover as well. best wishes for your time out west. :)

laura marie said...

I just laughed out loud because yesterday I went to brunch with friends and got a "You actually eat jam?" comment... Answer: Yes, of COURSE I do!

Also - loving your new header and the fact that you're doing better :)

Em & Gar said...

You're on! I will email. Hope things are going better! :)

Krissa said...

LOVE the new header....so cute...and so you!!!!

um...i LOVE jam...my parents just made some apricot/strawberry jam...and i eat some everyday. I love it...

i am so glad you are doing better!!! I hope things continue to look up!!!!

Shannon said...

Mmmmm. My life has a tendency to roll around home made strawberry jam and rolls. Yum.

ALFIE said...

love the new header!!

glad to hear things are looking brighter.

as for the jam. claim a jar. make it yours. you're where you belong.

Anonymous said...

i love jam! I am from KY and we make things from scratch--- my great aunt makes THE BEST james. My fav is strawberry :)

Mandee lost her individuality. said...

why are you in utah? are you in salt lake. That's my home! I'd love to take you on a friend-date and show you around the place, if you're interested.