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a night in sunnyside.

in an effort to prepare myself for the non move this week (we're {two of us} staying in the same apartment but playing musical chairs with rooms) i attempted to organize my room.

it now looks like either (a) i was robbed or (b) a bomb went off. i can't walk but for tripping over organizational containers. and suddenly my lenten resolution to keep a clean room is out the window and i am in a terrible mood. messy rooms, dirty sinks, and never-ending progression of grey skies will do that to a girl. but i digress.

last night i abandoned my messy room, my mile-high-pile of laundry and headed to sunnyside, queens. {for those who don't know new york city is comprised of five boroughs: manhattan, brooklyn, the bronx, queens, and (this is the strangest of them all) staten island. i live in manhattan. way, way up in manhattan. all the cool kids live in brooklyn. and a growing number of young people are moving to queens (where rent is cheep and space is abundant)}.

alisha (of doppelganger fame) and her boyfriend daniel hosted me for a lovely night of gourmet tomato soup and grilled cheese. 

as soon as i walked in the door i became that crazy person that can't even say hello before they marvel at the thing before them...the thing resembling an actual home. i opened every closet door, peered out every window, inspected every surface, sizing up square footage and inquiring about rent--this is what you do in new york when you've lived here long enough and reached a certain age. 

the night was perfect. good food. good discussion. a little baseball on the tele. and really good people. 

a feast for three


cheese, please?

gourmet grilled cheese


my hipster


PinkSass said...

Those grilled cheese sammies look so yummy.

Happy Wife said...

Glad you had such a lovely evening with friends. It's good to ignore the chaos in our lives at times, and too, to remember that all things aren't so bad.
That last photo of you is beautiful!
Hope you have a surprisingly delightful Monday.

Jennifer Rod said...

wow. from the pictures, their apartment is so cozy. i love it. glad you had a good time... and dont fret too much about a dirty room... life is too short {ok, but do get around to it!) :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ok it doesn't get much better than tomato soup and grilled cheese.

which we can make.

when you come to europe.

save, save, save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the thought of it excites me so.

Arianna @ Laughter & Linguini said...

Absolutely love those glasses, so gorgeous!!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Thanks for the comment! Love your blog name. That's too cute!

Katie said...

New york looks so cool.

My friend Elle and I are going there this summer for 2 days for my 21st birthday. I'm excited!!!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about NY, but everything about it fascinates me.

ria said...

I am going to be in New York in the next 2 weeks and I can't wait!!!


Kate said...

Cheese toasties, in my opinion, can fix anything. And their kitchen is too adorable.

Micaela said...

just when i think i have seen you at your prettiest... that last picture... WOW.

there is nothing that says comfort to me than grilled cheese (gourmet? DELISH looking!) and the best kind of company. (i can't get enough of their kitchen - how they hang up their utensils/pots)

christine said...

It's a Julia Childs kitchen! What a fun night you had.

alisha said...

ahhh! love!! you are adorable in these pics. let's do this again again again! :)

Mackenzie said...

okay, you look adorable in those glasses, and i must must must know where you got them! :)

Sarah said...

Whoa! I just did a double take with your glasses, they are so like mine. They look fantastic on you!

Kelly said...

There is nothing better than grilled cheese and good friends. Baseball certainly doesn't hurt...