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a few thanksgiving musings.

"it don't have to change"
thanksgiving in boulder, two years ago

it's 6:30 am and i'm up.

my little green mug of a coffee cup next to me. i like this green mug. it looks something like a plant-potter. it makes getting up easier.

i'm not a good traveler. have i mentioned this? i think have.

i'm one of those people that likes to leave hours and hours in advance so i can just sit at the gate. better safe than sorry, i say. so you can imagine how these new security screenings have me all aflutter.

here's the plan. subway to midtown. huge suitcase in tow (because for whatever reason i never managed to get a medium size one to my manhattan apartment). exercise class (perhaps physique will calm me before the travel?). and then to the airport. this is all plausible, doable.

i've even picked out a special outfit to wear on the plan. because i still believe in that--getting slightly dressed-up for such things. i'm not a sweatpants traveler, no sirree.

did you know thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? i've said this before. i think because it feels like a three-four-day-event more than any other holiday. i however, am not a fan of thanksgiving food, never have been. i've never enjoyed turkey (unless ground) and i'm not a stuffing person. i do however make a mean ice cream pie which basically consist of a a pre-made pie crust, three different flavors (often of the chocolate and toffee family) and crushed heath bars. let me tell you, it takes a real artisan to make this pie. and an artisan i am. we all have our own thanksgiving traditions. the ice cream pie? well, that's mine.

my family drinks champagne on the actual day. i am looking forward to this.

and for whatever reason there's nothing i want so much during my five-day-adventure than a fresh-out-of-the-oven-cinnamon-bun.

i'm even (wait for it) looking forward to the traditional family hike. and i. am. not. a hiker. but there you have it. the dogs come. we all pile in the cars. and if there's any snow or ice on the ground i tend to take a tumble at one or two different points.

and you know what i keep thinking about? thanksgiving two years ago. and this post. and not being able to bring a pair of jeans. and how this time i can. and how it's simultaneously so exciting. and so not a big deal.

i'm trying to leave my worries here in new york. my concerns about my day-jobs and my future. those nasty, little nagging feelings of disbelief and fear. because i get to escape for five days and i sure as hell don't want them catching a ride in my black suitcase. it's big. just not that big.


Emily said...

Have the most relaxing time in Colorado!! This is my favorite time of year as well! Safe travels! xo

Laura Marie said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip :) Oh, and I just literally laughed out loud because I require showing up at the airport 3 hours in advance... I get motion sickness on planes and need to mentally prepare--but really, I just love people watching/magazine reading, let's get real here.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Autumn Lynn said...

I am a horrible traveler in that...I don't wait for hours at the gate. Something always happens and I end up pushing it to get there.

jess said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!! I am not necessarily a fan of the food either but soo look forward to Wii dance competitions and lots of family time.. that's the best part of any holiday (in my opinion)!!!!

Camilla Leila said...

thanksgiving hike? i love that idea.

and omg i apologize for my text the other night...crazy. crazy. crazy.

wishing you the very best, dear meg!

vintch said...

thanksgiving is such a fabulous holiday because it truly is a three-four day event. giving us plenty of time to reflect, love on our families, and give thanks. your long holiday weekend sounds magical. thanks for giving us a little peek inside:)

Lola said...

I loved this post, it made me happy and excited and so looking forward to post feast napping on the couch. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and are able to let go and just be present. All the stress will be waiting for you back in NYC, but Thanksgiving should be stress free. Well aside from stressing that you'll run out of whip cream before you run out of pumpkin pie.

Anonymous said...

that's such a cool post...hope you have a great trip...

iheartkiwi said...

Have a wonderful time with your family!

I always dress up for air travel and a champagne Thanksgiving sounds absolutely perfect! Try not to hurt yourself on the hike :)

Chelsea Gwynne said...

No idea how I just found your blog - but I did - and I love it!! Followed!!

Kelly said...

Thanksgiving is a WONDERFUL holiday : )

I had a cinnamon bun straight out of the oven for breakfast this morning! My family does that every year : ) I love traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving!! and safe travels.

...like a rolling stone. said...

and what a rad way to put how your disbelief and fear can't fit in your suitcase because it's just not THAT big. you do have a way with words, mate. i love it.
have a lovely holiday!