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the circus

met opera-a-a-aaaaaaaa!

lincoln center looking east

big apple circus

big apple in lincoln center

on thursday night i headed to lincoln center to meet a friend and go to the circus.

yes, lincoln center. the great arts mecca of new york city (or one of them, at least).

and there nestled between the metropolitan opera house and alice tully hall and avery fisher and juilliard--right amidst all the towering white building made of granite or some such is the temporary white canvas of the big apple circus.

when kathy and i arrived and the show began we both quickly decided that perhaps we should have gotten a drink first. there was something a bit depressing about it all. the empty seats--the sense that the entire production was a bit worn around the edges. the feeling that the art form itself was struggling to find a foothold--to adapt to these modern times.

and yet given enough time and enough stragglers the tent began to fill with not only warm bodies, but the squeals of children. and if the squeals of children can't totally undo you, well then, i'm not sure what to tell you.

kathy and i ended up squealing a bit ourselves, or at least laughing deeply for a good two hours. there was nothing i loved so much as the dogs and horses and goats, i would go each night for that alone.

oh, to see a goat ride a horse--if you've not seen this at least once in your life: amend, amend at once!!

all that being said, i suppose there's something to learn from the circus. and so my goal for this week is to laugh deeply.

to laugh deeply, and love deeply, and live outwards in all directions at once. (that's not too overwhelming a goal for this thanksgiving week, is it?). nah, didn't think so.

happy monday (a very gray monday in new york) to you!


Erica Newhouse-Kasper said...

My Mom and I have tickets to go in December! I cannot wait! I don't know why but when I went to purchase the tickets to the show, the smell of the popcorn and the crummy tent got me all choked up. I suppose deep down I wish I could run away and join the circus myself. xxx

kara lynn said...

that sounds like a neverland adventure. and sometimes it is hard for me to laugh deeply, it is always good to take lessons from children i've learned. they love and laugh both deeply. thank you meg!

have a wonderful monday. and utah is blanketed in a thin layer of snow.

AbbieBabble said...

My parents took us to see the Big Apple Circus every spring when we were growing up. I do believe that a goat riding a horse is one of the most entertaining things out there. Just the thought of it makes me laugh deeply.

Happiest of Mondays!

Laura Marie said...

a very gray monday in chicago too! glad you had a fun weekend... and i absolutely love your goal--living outwards in all directions at once. how beautifully put! :)

xo laura marie

Camilla Leila said...

happy monday to you too!!

i shall make that my goal as well. bi-coastal laughing loving and living.

communikate. said...

ooh, i haven't been the circus in ages! sounds like fun!

...like a rolling stone. said...

ah! i haven't been to the circus since i was 7!
there wasn't a goat riding a horse, what kind of circus was it! i will have to amend this, haha.

and no, not too lofty a goal! i think it's awesome.
have a lovely week!

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

i like the new header

The Childlike empress said...

eeek eeek! the circus the circus! just the thought of someone else watching the circus makes me excitable. last time i went i made my gentleman caller come along, under the proviso that if it was rotten we would leave in the interval....only cause i knew he would be hooked.....he was.

Sarah boo said...

I agree. The other day, I was thinking to myself that a good laugh felt great. I was watching a little of The Office and something made me laugh, really hard. After I remember thinking, "Man that felt good. I need to laugh like that more often."

Anonymous said...

'a goat riding a horse!!!'....far out, - you guys get all the good gigs!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness you went to see Big Apple. i'm a little jealous. they have been featured on PBS titled Circus and it is completely mesmerizing. they show life backstage and the stories of the performers and crew how they ended up at Big Apple. i think you can find episodes on the PBS website.
it is a must watch.

jill said...

a goat on a horse. that sounds awesome! Love you last quote :)

Kelly said...

Awwww, the circus!! I haven't been to the circus in so long, I want to go! Glad you had fun : )