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a taste of thanksgiving.

cooking island

beet salad delight

private property

pie in process


fruit tart

apple pie

stone cup


Eva said...

wow amazing new header!



Claire Kiefer said...

Yes--I love the watercolors in your new header--and I'm dying to know what those crumbles are in the apple pie!

communikate. said...

beautiful photos, and i agree LOVE the new header!

A Serenade for Solitude said...

EVERYTHING looks delicious! Yum! I am ready for turkey dinner #2!

Also, I just love your new look. :)

JulieElizabeth said...

Oh wow! Your thanksgiving looked amazing! I'm jealous! My family got Thanksgiving in a box. lol!
LOVE the new header!

Mackenzie said...


Where can I sign up for such a lovely bit of loveliness such as that? I want someone to romanticize me via a watercolor portrait! :)

And oh mylanta, your thanksgiving looks divine! Hope you had a good one :)

xo Mackenzie

christine said...

YUM!!!! The food looks so good.

I'm in love with the watercolor portrait header. Please share the artist's name with us.

Emily said...

i REEEEEEALY really like your new header!!!
i couldn't stop looking at it!
very very cool.

Maureen said...

looks lovely :) hope you had a nice thanksgiving! xo
ps i also love the new header!

Miss E said...

Please, please, please post the recipe for that amazing looking salad in picture 2?? The new header looks lovely and so does the Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

LOVE your new header!! Gorgeous!

That fruit pie looks so tasty! And that coffee shop looks fun!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Emily said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE your new header!! So gorgeous! Hope you had a cozy thanksgiving! xoxo

Lucie said...

love your pictures, the light is always beautiful, how do you do that !?
have a nice week-end, xo

Suzy said...

Your new blog header! What a beautiful, colorful surprise! An that salad in the Thanksgiving photos! Such beautiful colors in your post :)

Larissa Wunder said...

I LOVE your new header... it is..LIVE :)

Brittan said...

oh yum! glad you had a lovely thanksgiving. i'm free just about any night or weekend over the next couple weeks if you'd like to have a girl date! also, your new header is gorgeous.

Alex said...

1. I love love love your new header!
2. That fruit tart thing looks delectable!!

MissAlyssa said...

that apple pie looks glorious!!!

olivia rae said...

such beautiful food!! making me hungry all over again!

(and stunning header! did you paint it?!)


Irina said...

what a lovely post!!! i just came across your blog and i have to say i loved it! i went back all your posts... it's amazing!!! your style is incredible!!! check out my blog too... if you like it follow me and i promise i'll do the same..;)))


molly said...

I love the ketchup bottle on the counter!

Roxy Te said...

I'd like the salad for lunch and the fruit tart for dessert please :) Looks so utterly delicious!