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an asparagus bouquet

asparagus, anyone?

i got home from a long day of work yesterday at an hour nearing nine. and i was meant to do laundry. but i couldn't find the card that would allow me to use the machines. and not one of the three dvd players i tried would play my exercise video. so i settled for another night all together--one that would be highly unproductive.

i was feeling a bit guilty about all that i had eaten, but attempted to banish those thoughts. i opted  instead for forgiveness--reminded myself that some days a person eats more than others.

so i settled into the red armchair in the living room, took in a little bit of the thursday night line-up, put some tomato soup on the stove, asparagus in the oven, and toasted a bit of bread to enjoy with my hummus.

and i gave thanks for the end of the day, for an early and imminent bed-time, for good food to nourish my body, and the promise of thanksgiving just a few weeks away.

and for asparagus. isn't it just the loveliest vegetable you've ever seen? i like to cook it up in the oven with a little oil and top it off with some chili pepper flakes. yup, i like a little kick.

i'm off this morning to get in some physique before a long day of work. i am realizing that not one of my jobs encourages healthy eating habits so my goal for today is to be kind to myself and my body. and look forward to the promise of a light saturday.


Anonymous said...

Your arms looks great. You know I'm an arm person.

Jessica said...

Fabulous asparagus bouquet! :) I need to do more cooking of fresh vegetables...so key for nourishing the body, and so good for the soul when they're delightfully prepared! Good luck today, and have a wonderful weekend!

Mackenzie said...

Who needs roses when you can have some lemony-garlic asparagus?!?! Not I!

I'm a new reader and I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I have spent going through your blog, nodding my head, and saying "Amen, sister". As a fellow, former friend of that crotchety old man "Ned" (he's bald and crotchety in my head, at least!) I know too much of that kind of stuff, no fun. But it seems like you've emerged from it a very wise little mama and I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Keep on truckin' girl. And try broiling some halved lemons with your asparagus with salt, olive oil, and pepper and when it's done cooking, just squeeze those lemons right on top. It will have you screaming to the high heavens, so good. :)

xo Mackenzie.

Camilla Leila said...

you. look. fabulous.

oh my god.

when i move to new york, teach me your ways. (yeah, i said when! i'm so excited)

liso. said...

love those slow, alone-time evenings. just love 'em.

Ashley said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. The best kind. Relaxing, healthy/yummy food, and some tv.

Enjoy today and the weekend! It's the simple things in life!

Autumn Lynn said...

So cute! Maybe broccoli would do well too?

Lauren said...

You just made me want to go cook asparagus right this moment.

You are beautiful!

Katie said...

What kind of lipstick do you wear? It looks so pretty...

wilybrunette said...

@katie: i'm actually not wearing any lipstick. but i have been going through a neutral lip phase and i love trish mcevoy's luxe lip balm (it is just oil so your lips don't come to depend on it, as most lip balms--like blistex and such do).

Hazel said...

I smiled and nodded all the way through your post.
I spend my days in a busy design studio so an evening alone with just myself to please is a treasured thing.
Have a great weekend.

starwind777 said...


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communikate. said...

i feel guilty about what i eat all the time. i love that you "opted for forgiveness."

...like a rolling stone. said...

ha, love the bouquet. that's my kind of bouquet!
and yes, agreed on the loveliness of asparagus!

hope you have a great week meg!

Deepali said...

I do have to admit to a grass is greener moment. Sometimes in the middle of making dinner for my family, walking the dog, doing the laundry and then putting my feet up for a few pregnant moments until my 2 year old son invariably needs something, I daydream about being single again and living in the city (I grew up in NYC) and having the kind of night you just described. Just me, the tv and a small plate of odds and ends to call dinner. Sigh.
Love the chili flakes on the veggies, nice touch.

Bridget said...

i love asparagus and this post.

...love Maegan said...

you probably don't know how pretty you are. and maybe it's better that way ;)

....this obviously has nothing to do with your writing and everything to do with the photo you posted ...and the ones below too.