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thinking of my room in new york...

as i start to think about returning to new york, i begin to salivate over my gorgeous washington heights apartment. the entrance hall is perfection. and my roommates with their light-colored paint and potted plants and vintage trunks have done wonders for their bedrooms. the living room is lovely and spacious. but i left before i could properly outfit my room. so now i'm dreaming nothing but home decor.

not my photo.

not my photo.

not my photo.

not my photo.

not my photo.

ideas? suggestions? websites, pictures you want to direct me toward?

photo credits unknown.


Anonymous said...

See what a difference curtains can make!

Millar said...

Little Green Notebook
Oh Happy Day
Dwell Studio Blog
Lovely Design (blog)
the lil bee (not a total design blog, but you might just like it)
6th Street Design school

I'm slightly obsessed with design so those are just a few.

kara lynn said...

design sponge of course is amazing. i go there often!!

Emily said...

How fun to decorate your new room! Also love the blog header - how did you learn to do that?!

Sara L. said...

what cute design ideas!!
my mom and I went to a local art museum and one artist had made a collage for the wall out of different size boxes (shoebox lids, square cardboard, etc) and covered them in different fabrics.

Brittany said...

oh i love that top picture! what a lovely desk.

Kyle said...

Wow. These photos say a lot about you miss Meg.
The "Ready to Operate" yet anal-organized desk. The abundance of all things white, and wooden. And the ECCENTRICITY of inner city/upward apartment living. How lucky you are to have such the place of which to return!

-Best luck with your Decor,


Jewels said...

I love love love the wallpaper on the last picture. I'd never think to do something like that in my own room...but it looks so nice. Good luck with the re-design

Kaylia Payne said...

Those are gorgeous photos! I'd love a room that looked like any of those! Audrey Hepburn Complex has a lot of nice photos like that, though you probably already know about that blog. Also I'm not sure if you get Frankie magazine in America, but they include a lot of pretty posters and pictures that remind me of the first and last photo :)

Marisa said...

i love thefirst pic. i am in the process of trying to acomplish just that look. i hope it looks half as charming.

Jessica O'Brien said...

i blog about interior design on a budget, so hop over any time. is there a particular style you are going for? i do e-design + would be more than happy to help if you want to email me.

my best inspiration comes from saving tearsheets + online pictures in 1 file. when i have a bunch, patterns start to emerge + i can get a sense of what i'm naturally craving for a space.

Well Nice Chels said...

Dreaming of these now in my love and I's new apartment soon. We are looking to revamp when we move, such a good feeling.

I have a great friend who lives in washington heights. She once took me to a "mexican" restuarant by her house (she is from texas as well and know that was not mexican food) this place was kind of creepy and seemed like a drug cover up or something. Don't go there if you know what I'm talking about. Just saying haha.

Shawn Tina said...

when i get this inkling...i know it's because the design troll is trying to take over my body. sometimes you just have to sit her down and say, "design troll...there's a time and place for you, but it' not now. leave me alone so i can go do work/go to the gym/ or fill in the blank."