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come see free (outdoor) theatre. and bring a picnic!


so i'm in this little play.
and we open thursday.

and can i admit something?
i'm so excited.
and terrified.
but mostly excited.

we're performing all over provo and salt lake.
always outside.
and always free.

which means you just have to show up.
you can bring blankets. or lawn chairs.
and picnics!
can i suggest bread and cheese and grapes and snap pea crisps?
(because that is what i would bring).

i'd love for you to come.
i'd love to see some friendly faces.

and also because,
the thing is...

i think this production is gonna be pretty darn good.

and i think you'd really enjoy yourself.

this weekend's performances:

Thursday, August 12 200 S Main Street, Pleasant Grove, 7 pm

Friday, August 13 Memorial Park @ 800 E and Center Street, Provo 7 pm

Saturday, August 14 Provo Farmers Market, 500 W Center Street, Provo 12 noon

Saturday, August 14 Kiwanis Park, 820 N 1100 E, Provo 7 pm

Monday, August 16 Nielson’s Grove, 2000 S Sandhill Road, Orem 7 pm

find the full performance schedule here at our website: Utah Shakespeare in the Park

or friend us on facebook for updates!

ps: unsure of the original source of the base image. in other words,
it is not my own, but if you know who's it is, please let me know!


kara lynn said...

so sad i'm going to miss your first performance. it's way close to where i live... but i'll see you for sure later. i'm so exited!! good luck! you'll be amazing!

Camilla Leila said...

oh how i would LOVE to come watch you in this show.

i know you'll be amazing.
so excited for you!

Emily said...

Ooo this looks marvelous! I wish I lived closer! You are going to rock the performance!

defining amy said...

i'm seriously so excited. yay.

Thao said...

Wish I could go! You're going to be amazing, obviously. Also, I love the poster! It looks so contemporary / sexy / awesome!

communikate. said...

Sounds awesome! Wish I could be Utah for those dates.

leah jane said...

ooh, good luck. or break a leg. or whatever is best to say in these sorts of circumstances. you'll be great - i can feel it!!

Monica said...

Break a leg!

I really wish I could fly out there to see you. Brad and I are working on your running mix tonight.

Sara L. said...

Good Luck!! I wish that I lived close enough to see this or that they were providing something like this in NC :)

Jacob C. said...

if I wasn't in Kentucky, I would SO be there to support you!

Millar said...

We're bringing some friends to the Thursday show! Woohoo! Good luck!

The Rookie said...

Break a leg and all that good Ju-Ju. I am so there! I teach Romeo & Juliet each year with my freshmen and subsequently have a fondness for that particular Shakespearean play.

Micaela said...

SERIOUSLY, how amazing. I so wish i could go! picnic, free arts, and you + your passion... would be AMAZING!!! as amazing as you'll be in this play. can't wait to hear more about it sweet girl xo

m.estelle said...

MEG! jeremy and i are headed to boston for a couple weeks...you'll be around for the late august shows, wont you? i mean, you are juliet...
i want to say hello while you're in utah!!


Lisa Piorczynski said...

Wish I could come and see you. I'd love to!

Sweet Melissa said...

I wish I could go on a road trip (from Canada) right now and come see you perform! let us know if you'll be coming to Toronto ;)

Erica Newhouse-Kasper said...

Break a leg! I so wish I could come see you! But I'll be here in New York when you get back to hear all about it. Sending lots of love, Erica

Kelsey and Riley said...

I had no idea you were performing at Nielson's Grove! That's where husband proposed to me. I would have come to that showing if I'd known! I will definitely be shooting for another time within the next couple weeks.