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yesterday something hideous moved through me.

a mood.

a bad mood.

a bad mood to end all other bad moods.

i walked past the bathroom in the new apartment and stopped.

my love for this new bathroom knows no bounds. our tuscan bathroom, i call it. (something about the tan stones has led me to dub it as such).

our tuscan bathroom has a whirlpool bath. and because i've long longed for a bath in which to fall apart, i thought, hmmm... this tub will do. this tub will definitely do.

and so i ran the warm water. climbed in. prepared for some kind of release and pressed the whirlpool button.

rumble. bubble. rummmmmble.

and dirt.

an explosion of dirt.

yes, dirt.

i quickly turned the whirlpool button off.

and remained in the warm water as the brown chunks outfitted in various sizes and shapes swirled and pooled around me.

and i thought, yup, this is about right.

after all, it was release i had been in search of. and beggars can't be choosers.


Claire Kiefer said...

hilarious! I take a bath every day, and although I don't have a whirlpool, most days my bath is full of bubbles. Baths are the most comforting, relaxing, delightful thing in the world. I could never live in an apartment without a bathtub!!

Noodles and Waffles said...

I wish my house had a tub. I long to soak.

Ashley said...

Sometimes you have the best of luck and other times you have the worst. This was a worst of luck kind of a day!
Thanks for the sharing! :)

Angela said...

Oh no! You poor thing... I've never had a whirlpool tub, I had no idea they could do that! I hope today is better for you than yesterday <3

lindsey said...

words cannot express how much i ADORE you. and your stories. you always find a way to move me.


laura marie said...

^^^ i second what lindsey said :)

laura marie said...
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erin elder said...

There was indeed something about yesterday that was particularly BAD... I am rarely clumsy, but yesterday I managed to trip, stub my toe, scrape my hand, and slam my finger in a drawer. There was also a moment spilt coffee...

So yeah, I was not fond of yesterday. But that is the beauty of it. It is over... on to the next day!!

{Great story though. I hope your luck turns around and you find that bath tub therapy you need}

Ashley said...

I can't help but laugh...its like the icing on the cake of a bad day...priceless!

JKreids said...

hahaha! oh that made me snicker. :p

JKreids said...

p.s. I like the new font and to see the old banner back.

for what it's worth.


christine said...

Oh dear. I've actually had that happen to me before. Apparently, if the jets haven't been used for a while stuff settles inside them. It's a good idea to run them every once in a while.

Sorry, your moment was ruined.

I like the new font and banner too.

Fairfield said...


oh man.

Jalene said...

oh. my. gosh.

quite hilarious.

and disturbing.

i love the banner. btw.

Cassie said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you were so calm sitting there!

What a funny memory, though. :)

Anonymous said...

that would stink :(
Sorry you were having a bad day!

Dia said...

=)) This reminds me of "Under the Tuscan Sun"!

Anonymous said...

oh no! I once lived in a house that had a hot tub and had that exact thing happen. Such a letdown (((hugs)) Sorry about your bad day!

like a rolling stone... said...

please tell me it was JUST dirt???

ah. life can be ironic. you wanted a release and it came!
reminds me of the month i spent in uganda sans shower. i was to stay at a hotel with a REAL shower on my last night. i giddily undressed and stepped in, just WAITING for the fresh pour of clean water.

the tap ran black. LITERALLY, black.
i sighed. got out. and thought, "such is life..."