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dear one-day-pal,

i broke the candlesticks. the one's i knew you'd hate.

this last move.

they were on top of my bookshelf.

i was moving a picture frame and they fell.

and they shattered.

i didn't imagine they could make themselves so small. even in breaking, i couldn't fathom that there would be so many pieces. so tiny.

i was fine. unscathed. strangely enough the glass seemed to avoid me all together.

i should be thankful for that.

i know. i know that.

but the thing is, all i can think,

it's one less fight. one less fight we'll have.

a silly little fight about differing tastes.

one less memory.

one less moment for me to fall madly and deeply and desperately in love with you.


the girl two-candle sticks short tonight


Holly Young said...

Ah, I get to be the first comment-leaver on this one. :) On a similar note, having married my husband in my late 20's, I sometimes get hung up on all the "stuff" we missed in the earlier parts of each other's lives....graduations, friends' weddings, etc. You know, the important things. The times you find yourself wishing "he" was there.

But now that I am even older and "he" is here, in the other room still sleeping, I realize that there is a lot more living to do. It is hard, but it is good. The things he is here for are just a little bit sweeter when compared to the things he missed.

There will be more candlesticks...and other fights. :)

best-best-super-fantastic wishes,

Signorina Svizzera said...

I have my own "candlesticks", a coffee mug from a little shop in Paris. It's already cracked, but I never want to throw it away, and I can already envision the mornings when "he" will turn to me as he is putting away dishes and I am flipping pancakes and he will say, for the millionth "can we *please* just get rid of this old mug?" and i'll probably just laugh and remember this story, hug him, and say "no way" :)

Taylor Yves said...

hah, differing tastes! many women wanted a man with good taste, who looked good (myself included) ... and then one day you find yourself justifying an outfit to him, or a haircut, or the placement Anthropologie fabric monograms. still ... i do wish that for you someday :)

Mal Mecham said...

Oh Meg. I just love to read your letters. And I love that you share them with all of us. Thank you for being your wonderful and original self.

Katie said...

Hey Meg, you don't know me but I recently discovered your blog. And I LOVE IT. Your writing inspires me. I gave you a blog award this morning. It's the happy award. If you want to check it out it's on my blog, katiemohr.blogspot.com. Thanks for being vulnerable and honest with your life.

Jacob said...

this blog is amazing :D

Micaela said...

that ending... oh amazing.

Lola said...


Jennifer M. said...

This is awesome! I'd completely forgotten this but I wrote some letters to my husband-to-be a long time ago (maybe early-20's - I can't remember now). I wonder if I can find them again? Maybe I should write more. This is such an inspiring idea and I thank you for sharing these.