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this chapter.

i've been thinking a lot about what i might call this period of my life when i look back on it in twenty years.

(because this is the kind of thing one must think about. {obviously}.)

and i have decided, after much consideration, that it shall be called:

the period in which i learn to blow air through my lips in all directions and manners of fashion as an attempt to keep myself calm.

(and find that alone to be completely insufficient. {obviously}.)


christine said...

Just don't hyper-ventilate okay. You will be okay.

Oh, and if I read Rockstar Diaries correctly, you're in DC enjoying a bit of fun in my new hometown. Hope you have lots of fun and get lots of love from your friends.

Meg Fee said...

not till monday! tomorrow (sunday) i'm moving!

Signorina Svizzera said...

hahaha! I do this too- to relieve stress-induced heartburn (yes, I'm 21 and have stress induced heartburn), and many other things. I always hope I will look back on this time in my life and laugh and say "well, I learned a lot" :)

Carolyn said...

hi. i just came across your blog through taza's. your words are beautiful to me. sounds like you are living the same life i am living right now, what with the blowing air to keep yourself calm. :) this poem helps me remember that a beautiful life isn't necessarily a lucky or successful or happy or contented one: it's called 'ithaca' by constantine p cavafy. best of luck in your beautiful voyage.