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i fell asleep last night with all my clothes on. (bra and makeup included).

i guess i was tired.

today is one of those days that i can't imagine ending: too much work, no time for self.

my room is a disaster.
(i can chalk that up to an april 15 move date, yes?).

i'm attempting at 8:25 am (now) to make food and pack for a day out and about.

oh goodness, let it be saturday.

let me be freshly showered and laundered and brushed and scrubbed.

let me have replied to all messages and emails and phone calls and comments.

let me be better at this.

all of this.



Emily said...

Girl, I have felt the same way this week - so tired and not on top of anything! Here's to a better weekend with time to regroup!

D&D said...


i have just discovered your blog today.
i have read your worries and experiences and it reminds me of when i lived in nyc and was always on the brink of happiness/sadness and becoming myself. i cant wait to see your adventures unfold.

all i can tell ya is that you are a bombshell.

and i think you're lovely.

Taylor Norris said...

Oooh sister, can I relate. I love my mom so much and I love it when she visits! But her snoring woke me up every hour last night and I feel like a train wreck today. Just drink a lot of water, that's my plan.

Brittany said...

exactly what i was thinking. i hate when i'm so busy i can't even find time to shower.

Sarah-lucy said...
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