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november brings good tidings.

i'd like to wipe october from my slate.

start again.


so november first came.

sunday morning.

my friend kate and i ventured to the east side to catch the nyc marathon.

if ever you find yourself in the city on the day of this gorgeous event, you must watch--participate--partake in some way.

there's nothing quite like it. 

people. everywhere. from all over. doing something so unbelievably difficult and miraculous. each with a story. running together. a moving quilt covering the blacktop streets. an endless stream of wordless music as their feet meet the pavement.

kate and i were walking across 62nd street towards first avenue, approaching the party, when we saw runners. moving at a speed you can't even imagine. whoosh. whoosh. woosh. followed quickly by a news camera on a dolly. whoosh. and we realized, oh that's the lead pack. we just saw the very front-runners. live and in person. i took this as a very good omen for the month. had we arrived a minute sooner we would have been inside and walking up the stairs and missed their passing. a minute later and we wouldn't have had any idea. our timing was... fortuitous. 

a tiding of all the good things to come. i think.

i hope. 


Marisa said...

"a moving quilt covering the blacktop streets. an endless stream of wordless music as their feet meet the pavement."

so beautiful meg...

i will say it again, you inspire me

brown eyed girl said...

I like this, taking little bits of the magic in life and seeing them as reminders that life can be really really good.

Ruth said...

What a great word: fortuitous. I like it!

Carrie said...

I hope it's a good sign for this next month for you as well. :) It certainly seems like one.

AbbieBabble said...

DEFINITELY a good omen for the month.
I was so excited when I found out that an American won this year!

Emily said...

Here's to November being far superior to October!! I am rooting for it! Happy Novembering!

Fairfield said...

I saw the last runners. I hope that's not a bad sign, lol. People were still cheering them on. And a woman was handing out oranges as they passed by. There was a girl, about our age, who was talking on her cellphone and walking the marathon. People cheered her on anyways. And a man, in his late 70's, who was wearing a shirt that said "older, wiser, sexier" and he was half running, half dancing- blowing kisses to the crowd.

I was in bed all morning and I was wondering what the cheering outside was. I thought I might have been fever hallucinating it. But nope. The NYC Marathon was happening right on my corner. Cheers!

Julie said...

Amen to November for new beginnings. It's promising.

Sarah C said...

what a great perspective, girl! i think of marathon runners and think sweat and tears and shaky muscles. you saw beauty and promise - there is no way you can have a bad month if you keep that outlook!!

Hanako66 said...

ooooooooh, absolutely a good sign!

I would very much like to participate in such an event one day.

Alexandra said...

"moving quilt over blacktop" is incredible.

You read my mind- I want to run this next year if my knees hold up!!! xoxo

ps loving the lipstick! gooorgeous.

Spardha Malik said...

i think the mass adreline rush kinda brings a warm happy feeling to everybody even remotely a part!!

I don't think i could ever partcipate.. but watching itself is such a rush.

Here's to a great november.
I love the baseball post too..(i watched 'a great catch' just days back!! kinda relate to ur euphoria :))