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pictures, as promised (it's a start).

i love weddings. 

why, you ask?

i'll tell you.

well, for the obvious reasons, of course. 


because they are always tremendously enlightening experiences.

1. it really is probably for the best that i don't get married for another 30 years or so--my father was halfway to crazy by the time i arrived in rhode island with two of my cousins. and this was his niece getting married. not his daughter. 

2. do not leave the parking lot with the waterford crystal bowl sitting on top of the car. a broken bowl does not a good gift make. (good news: it made quite a thump, but did not break--just a wee of a scratch on the paper)

3. dancing makes everything better. and a good, short haircut swingin' to the beat gives even the poorest of dancers (me) the belief that they aren't half bad

evidence of any damage? hardly.

cousin mary and her lovely new husband, patrick.

my cousin brian with his fiancee, melissa and his mother. doesn't he look happy? he should, he caught a good one

with my aunt patti and cousin mike.

with popops.

cousin brian doing the footloose dance. goodness, i love my wacky family.

my brother (and new bostonian) with me, cousin brian and melissa.

cousin kevin (who spent the week with me in new york) and gorgeous sarah (fiancee of my cousin sean)

christmas card? check. the nuclear family and in a rare somewhat-photogenic moment.

hope you had a lovely weekend!


Grace said...

Meg, you look absolutely gorgeous!
What a beautiful family you have.

I think you're very courageous and I love reading your thoughts here.

<3 Grace.

off switch said...

great pictures... and you look lovely! ;)

Brittan said...

you're so beautiful! what fun! weddings are the best, and do so often turn out to be enlightening experiences. (i'm an expert on this. i am about to be bridesmaid for the billionth time soon to the very last of my single girl friends. sigh.)

did i mention that you're gorgeous?

Fashionably Kate said...

Beautiful Meg.

I ADORE your hair! Great choice, and great pictures.

You are a perfect blend of your mom and dad.!

Fun weekend. I love weddings!

olivia rae said...

meg, you are so beautiful! LOVED this post, LOVED the pictures, and LOVED that your dad was halfway to crazy. looks like such a fun wedding!

brown eyed girl said...

I love your hair! And I love that feeling of a new haircut. :)

Your mom looks just as beautiful and happy in this picture as in your header :)

I think one of the best things about weddings is that they bring the whole family together:).

Have a lovely week, dear!

Alexandra said...

courageous, definitely.

and super cute family. looks like you all had a ball at the wedding!

sheila said...

BEAUTIFUL. nothing less than beautiful.

Gabby said...

You look gorgeous, Meg! So glad you had fun...and how amazing that present didn't break! :)

Lauren said...

I linked you to my last post.
(hope you dont mind!)
you are such an inspiration : )
more people need to speak out and start to change society's perception of beauty so that health = beauty

Maggie said...

Classy family!

And gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. I've shared your blog with others. It's a hit.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Meg you are gorgeous and yay for wacky families! Weddings are definitely enlightening, that is for sure ha :)

Julie said...

sheer sleeves on your dress=love.

Morgan said...

LOVE the last family photo! Definitely Christmas card worthy. :)

Marisa said...

i love wacky families... just like mine...
what a beautiful group...
and you look just gorgeous with your short flirty hair.

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun wedding; your family looks like a blast. And I love your hair! It looks fabulous!

Erin said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and your family is adorable.

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

You are pretty!

Sarah said...

It was so fun Meg! And we got a road trip out of it too!

Anonymous said...

Meg!! You look fabulous, darling! Seriously. I love your new short hair and you look so healthy and happy! I am SO proud of you! --Karen

Hanako66 said...

your hair looks great!

what a beautiful family!

Krissa said...

Oh...Love weddings!
love the pictures!!! and absolutely LOVE the hair!!!
You looks so happy!

Spardha Malik said...

wow, you are surely every bit the 'Brunette Bombshell' like ur blog claims to be!

and the haircut is nice too.

Lovely family, lovely pics....

jen said...

You're gorgeous! And what a great looking family you have too!

Micaela said...

such a good looking family.

i do so love the hair cut. Bangs, i really wish i could pull them off.

another thing i like? the promise of pictures.

and wacky dancing.

Emily Anne said...

Meg! You are BEAUTIFUL! The hair is so flattering-- oh boy, wish I could just chop mine all off.

Love weddings, love pictures from weddings, love overprotective dads. Mine is just the same. Am hoping a sister gets married first to sort of buffer the blow.

{That may be the wrong reason to hope a sister gets married...}