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on the decision to cut my hair

Remember this photo? 

I have a confession to make (in case other photos haven't given my secret away). I never cut my hair in a bob this year. The layers fell in such a way so as to give the appearance of one. And I loved the photo. So much so that I was ready to run out the next day and manifest my destiny. But on my mother's advice I allowed myself two weeks to mull it over...to make the cut or not? I liked it. Unfortunately, I'm knew deep down that my massive amount of hair would never lay quite like that. And so I continued to let the hair grow. And grow it did. Suddenly. So suddenly it seems to have gotten long. Really long.

In Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday, I encountered one of the most helpful people I've met in months. He was standing in front of the vacuums giving information to customers. I approached and said, "I want your best vacuum. But I don't want to pay $550. I have bed bugs."
"Ahhh," he said, "follow me." And he led me to the steamers. "This, this is what will get them--eggs and all." A steamer?! Success. Steamers are wildly cheaper than vacuums and will empower me to treat all of my clothes myself. Can you imagine the dry cleaning bill if I had to send away everything I own--I'm not just talking about washing everything, I'm talking about that AND dry cleaning every nice dress, suit, etc. that now hangs silently and patiently in my closet. This Antonio character had just saved me upwards of $400 (vacuum and laundering expenses). Not only that, he directed me away from the $80 bed bug covers ($160 for the two I would need) and indicated that the $12 covers in combination with other measures (steamers, natural oils) would serve me just fine. Antonio made me a very happy girl.

I left with a bounce in my step. 

I was quickly weighed down by the five bags in my arms. Don't let appearance, wealth, or status deceive you. At heart, every New Yorker is a bag person. Think about it--we don't have cars in which to dump all of our stuff as we go out and about for the day. The necessities for a day's errands are housed in the hundred little bags we carry on our arms (or the one bag that is the equivalent of a Ford Expedition SUV). 

So it began with the five bags, coupled with my inability to find my monthlong metro-card. Add in the sweat-yielding humidity and my blue plastic rain coat, as well as the MTA's inability to take anything other than cash (which of course, I never have). These things on top of a restless night of sleep the night before (for fear of the bed bugs) and I started to cry. 

I threw my hand up in the air, hailed a cab, and decided I'd take it all the way home. This would have been one expensive cab ride, but based on all the savings Antonio had provided me with, I didn't care. That is until two dollars and 90 cents into the ride (keep in mind it costs 2 dollars and 50 cents just to get in), I found my metro card in my book of David Sedaris essays. I did not find this funny. I asked to get out, and tipped him 2 dollars for his troubles. This is how I managed to pay $5 for a cab ride around one city block. 

And so it was with my five bags, my sweat-drenched back, and a somewhat-tear-stained-face that I took the long subway ride home and decided it was time to cut my hair. Of course, bed bugs and frustration? A haircut was the obvious remedy! How could it have taken me so long to figure out?  Not a huge cut. Not a huge change. I won't be getting the bob. Just a few inches. Time to cut the dead-ends out of my life. Lighten things up a bit. I need some bounce in my hair--maybe then I'll get taht bounce back in my step. 


olivia rae said...

meg, you are so beautiful!

that sounds like something i would totally do... except i probably would have ended up taking the cab the whole way...

Single Girl said...

BED bug? Oh man the only time I have encountered those was in Ethiopia. you are a brave soul.

Michal said...

I cut my hair each time I'm trying to rid my life of something more than just dead strands.

I'm glad I'm not the only one; people think I'm insane.

Melissa said...

Congrats on saving so much money!

I say go for the haircut. Sometimes it's just what you need to get back that bounce in your step. I can't wait to see the new look!

MeganRose said...

YAY for the hair cut- booo on your bad day & bed bugs, but YAY to a fresh start via steamer and no spilt ends!!!

I cut over 10 inches of my hair a couple months ago, for the the same reason (as you said, to cut the dead ends out of my life)

You are beautiful.


Micaela said...

i am feeling the exact same way about my hair. and i whole-heartedly believe that if i cut off a few inches, I will feel THAT much better about myself and hope that that feeling will leak to my life.

your hair is gorgeous though! i love that you can pull of bangs... I have never been able to.

and CHEERS on the bed bugs fix! bless that Antonio.

ps. How are David Sedaris essays? I have been wanting to pick up his collection, but haven't yet. It was the audio book i bought my bf on his move to VA. Do you reccommend it?

AbbieBabble said...

I am in awe that you got out of the cab once you found your metro card- like Olivia, I probably would have just taken the cab the whole way home, no matter how expensive.

Also, I've found that a haircut always adds a little bounce to my step, even if it's only a couple of inches. Here's hoping it works for you!

sheila said...

You got a steal with that Antonio guy.
Hope it kills every last bed bug.
I think the thought of "I need a change in my hair" is floating around in the air. I got so sick of my hair I chopped off some long bangs myself two days ago.

JennyMac said...

I have very long hair and was debating cutting it and actually had a nightmare about waking up with a crazy (and ugly) short haircut. It thwarted me for awhile. LOL.

Bedbugs? I hope they are gone. And steamers are incredibly handy. And I will say that every employee at the BB and Beyonds here are also super helpful. They should do a customer service training for about 1000 other businesses here.

Elizabeth said...

Do it! Haircuts make everything better... that's what I always tell myself. And it works for me.

brown eyed girl said...

You fooled me, but you must post a picture of your new haircut:). the real one.

Good luck keeping the bed bugs out of your bed!

Hanako66 said...

you told me your bob secret before:)I hope that you show us your new look!

I am so happy that this bed bug situation seems to maybe be resolved...what a nightmare!!!

Ali said...

As weird as this sounds, I'm glad all that happened to you.

Because that forced you to make the decision to cut your hair!

Slap me if you want to. I'm trying to see the silver lining here. :)

Krissa said...

what a great guy to be so helpful...sometimes that just lifts one up to get through a bad day and overwhelming and irritating situation with darn bed bugs...that does not sound fun. I hope the steamer works, it sounds like a great plan though...

and a haircut can be magical....i find it just makes me feel so much better even if i am only trimming a half an inch...

I hope you have a great week...and good luck with the bed bugs!

Spardha Malik said...

thats a really pretty pic!!

u shud really really consider a blunt!!!!

Sara said...

I think your hair is absolutely adorable. And yes, sometimes it is the answer to whatever is plaguing you.

kELLO! said...

wow. i was scrolling down your blog and that picture popped up and i just stopped. you're absolutely stunning! (i'm really not creepy. i'm married) =)
anyway. i want my hair like yours.