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acorns and grapes

sometimes my chicken-little-within feels the thump of an acorn and thinks the sky is falling.

a couple of bad food days.

and so i'm forced to pick up the acorn, hold it in my hands, and describe the things that make it just exactly what it is.

i must go back to the basics. remind myself: the food i want is not necessarily the food my body wants.

and so i pull out my list of fruits and vegetables that i find tolerable. choose one and make it my goal for the day to fall in love with it.  

i do love this grape. i do love this grape. i do love this grape.

and i begin again. because it is not the beginning. just a new place to start.


olivia rae said...

i have to do this all the time. also, i've found that when i am eating these great foods and not dwelling on sweets and other treats, i start to appreciate these foods and want them and crave them. it's a good cycle, that unfortunately goes the other way too... (the more bad stuff i eat, the more i want).

m. estelle said...

meg meg meg.
you are my inspiration.
merci merci beaucoup beaucoup.
je t'adore.


Elizabeth Marie said...

Meg...absolutely adore you.

you are SUCH an inspiration in my life.

I miss you girl

Spardha Malik said...

grapes are good... very good... (imagine wine... or not)!

Apples are the easiest!

Marisa said...

meg -
i can not begin to tell you how you inspire me. just when i think i am alone in my struggle you write something so simple... and i know again i can do this... one day at a time, one "grape at a time"
i just love you

jess said...

ahh I can totally relate...
I find myself saying fruit tastes just as yummy as chocolate or
salad is just as filling as pizza..
somedays it works- somedays it doesn't!!

Glad to know I am not the only one ;)

Erin said...

I agree with the above poster- the more good/bad stuff you eat, the more you crave it. I wouldn't worry about having a few bad food days. Forgive youself, today is a new day.

Hanako66 said...

I am trying to do this with water...

I recently fell in love with apples with peanut butter!