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reason #567 how you know you're living in nyc and still figuring your life out

dearest mother and father,

my birthday is coming soon. remember how i asked for that beautiful purse? forget it.

please send the most durable bed-bug protector covers you can find along with a high quality vacuum.

and don't be surprised if i ask for new bedding come Christmas time. 

this morning, in between the snooze button pushes, i dreamt of the bugs. and then i woke to find one on my bed. 

right now i would very much like to be rescued. 

your daughter


Signorina Svizzera said...

good luck with the bugs- I have a friend who suffers from spider bites (new ones every morning) and also wishes for a fabulous new vacuum.
I think I would wake my whole building if I woke up to a bug in my bed!

Sara said...

Oof, you're a calmer, more reasonable person than I.

Morgan said...

OOF! I feel for you. That would scare me to bits!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I would've freaked out! Hope the situations cleared up soon. Yikes.

AbbieBabble said...

Oh no! I hope they miraculously disappear. Right now.

{better than candy} said...

hope you get your birthday wishes. i would loove a new vacuume too!!!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Oh god, you don't need a vacuum cleaner you need a flame thrower. Torch the buggers.

I hope they go soon, I'm itching just thinking of them and I'm about 3000 miles away.

iheartkiwi said...

a girlfriend of mine lives in NYC and she literally just posted about this!

i had no idea bed bugs were such an epidemic!

maybe mom and dad can get you the bedding and the purse?

Krissa said...

oh dear...that does not sound like fun at all....Im sorry!!!!

naomi megan. said...

Wait. You got bed bugs?????? Did Carolyn????? I'm suddenly itching all over. Please say this isn't true.

Hanako66 said...

i am so sorry, that is horrible

Organic Meatbag said...

Now we all know that this "Don't let the bed bugs bite" thing wasn't just a bunch of bullshit our parents would say...hehehehe