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party, party

Last night a few things happened. And this is how I know I'm growing and getting better.

1. I went to a party because I said I would. Even though it was late. And I was tired. Even though it would have been easier to stay home. But I think it's important to live up to your word. 

2. A guy there told me and my absolutely gorgeous friend, how lovely it is to see girls who look healthy. Ned tried to interpret this word as fat. I told Ned he was wrong. And so I actually took the complement as just that, a complement. 

And while I do really like my friends (most of whom are actors), when the conversation turned to exercise fads and nutrition plans after only twenty minutes, I quietly excused myself and walked to the kitchen to join a different conversation. And I was reminded why exactly I took a year to make health my priority.

I'm winning the war my friends. I am.

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Happy Hunting!

photo via LIFE

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elizabeth Langgle: said...

i enjoy your blog, admire your strength and am cheering for you. have a beautiful day and know that you are wonderfully made.


Micaela said...

you ARE winning.

I'm proud of you and i adore this post of celebration.

of winning.

ps. thanks for the tip on LIFE!!! double meaning there... ;)

Helen said...

You should be really proud of yourself for that one.

I was once told something similar -- "Oh, Helen, you're looking like a woman these days," by a guy who was pretty much a tool anyway. I explained to him that all that time when I was painfully skinny? That wasn't pre-puberty. That was me battling a NED. And I told him if I wasn't as strong as I'd finally become, I'd take that statement to mean that I was fat and I'd probably fall back down the dark hole of NED.

Needless to say, he was apologetic. I told him I appreciated the intention behind his sort-of compliment but, in the future, I'd like for him to not comment on my body at all.

*High five* with you, Meg.

Hanako66 said...




Carly said...

good for you. Feels so good to realize that you are healthy again.

Helen said...

I just wanted to say thankyou. You helped me realise that I've had an eating disorder for years. I just didn't know the name for it.

Thankyou xx

Belen said...

ahh, i now know ned. i have a nameless similarity. perhaps i need to name it and work on it too? sigh.

i'm happy you are winning the war.
bravo, dear.


Belle said...

I am very proud of you darling! You took a huge step! xxxx

Ariel said...

I find you and your battle with Ned very inspiring. I am fighting my own Ned and I hope I can become as successful as you. Thank you for the hope.

kSbl said...

You go girl!!!

SO very proud of you meg!

One day at a time, my friend. One day at a time.

Jayne said...

Yay, Meg! That's a huge step! :-)

sheila said...


sheila said...

oh, I like LIFE photos too.

RatalieNose said...

*Snaps for Meg*
Good job!!!
You're truly an inspiration to me!

Bee @ Contently said...

standing ovation!

Prianka said...

"I told Ned he was wrong."

I know this comment is months old (although I read your blog every day!), but I felt so happy for you when I read that line.