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happy birthday dad

Today is my father's birthday. It's a big one.

I don't know if he'd want me to say, which one.

Oh hell...he's turning 60

And I think that's pretty amazing.

Because the truth is...my dad is my dad. 

And I love him so much. And I love him even when the words don't come easy.

"His hair turned gray that winter. I thought it was snow.  He promised us that everything would be OK. I was a child, but I knew that everything would not be OK.  That did not make my father a liar.  It made him my father."

"Gerald smiled at me in the rearview mirror and asked if we wanted any music. I asked him if he had any kids. He said he had two daughters...'Are they both special?' He cracked up and said, 'Of course their pop is gonna say they're special.' 'But objectively.' 'What's that?' 'Like, factually. Truthfully.' 'The truth is I'm their pop.'

from extremely loud and incredibly close


Belen said...

wow, you look a lot like your dad. and a happy birthday to him from me!

there are tons of june birthdays and tons just today! after this blog, i now know of 4 birthdays today. sheesh!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday, Meg's Dad! You've raised a daughter who is adored by many.

Micaela said...


i love this post. Those quotes are amazing, and I just NEED to read that book now. need to.

your father is lovely, i know it from the emails he's written you.
ADORABLE!!! i hope he has a wonderful wonderful birthday.

Jessica said...

I am a stranger-reader, but I enjoy your blog and I am so happy you are enjoying Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It's one of my all time favorite books, and I think I might give it a re-read thanks to all your quotes!

Belle said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!! From what you have said about him he seems an amazing person!! xxx

Hanako66 said...

a happy birthday to meg's dad! we thank you for bringing her into the world:)

kathleen said...

This is very sweet and touching. I don't know if you saw my last post, but it's about my father who has been gone eight years now. Fathers and their daughters - such a special relationship. Thanks for sharing... A happy, happy birthday to your dad!

Diana said...

you two must be so proud of each other <3

good job living, meg's dad!

m. estelle said...

your dad is so handsome!

meg- i read your blog like i read a good book. i really appreciate it.

you're a doll.


Anonymous said...

hey meg, i am just rereading your whole blog and now i realized, that my mom shares her birthday with your dad's .
Have a great day and i really love your blog - it's so honest and i can relate to you in so many situations.
Greetings from Germany