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so ned's been better lately. and i've been more forgiving of him. 

we're learning to live together peaceably. 

and i'm beginning to think he's not such bad guy. 

he has good intentions. but manifests those intentions in very unhelpful ways.

and then there's gym. 

gym and i haven't seen much of each other lately. 

and while i know gym is a good guy--a good guy who's actually good for me...well, this girl has a thing for bad boys, ya know?

so i'd been thinking about the book club a lot lately. 

and this led to a dream about an exercise club (yes, an actual night-time dream).

 and i happened to mention this to my girlfriends at brunch last week. and they seemed to think this dream could become a reality. 

three reasons why:
1. gym is really good for all of us
2. this way a week won't turn into a month in which we don't see each other
3. a reason to not sleep in until noon

and so a dream, an idea, a reality was born. 

we met last friday. 

and elliptical and i had 45 minutes of oh-this-isn't-actually-hell bliss. 

and i got to talk to vic and carolyn about life a year after school. 

and then again this morning. and wednesday is looking very promising.

we have big plans. 

dates with central park. 

dates with my newly acquired New York City Ballet Workout DVD (Dancing on Thorns really rubbed off on me). 

and with the pool. pools are such a commodity in this city of ours. so water aerobics and laps and good ol' water fights are in the near future. 

oh. sigh. i can't wait.


Sarah said...

Im coming when i get there!!!

miss rikki said...

good for you, miss bombshell! just don't do the same routine every time you go or you'll burn out fast.

kathleen said...

Oh, lady, I am so there with you. I am trying to date gym too. I'm just not sure we have chemistry, you know?

PS) I gave you a silly, but heartfelt award on my blog under the posting "You like me, you really like me." :)

Belen said...

ah, i wish i had a group of gal-friends who'd go with me (more like force me) to the gym cuz i need it (desparately).

Micaela said...

There's nothing like the feel of a good sweat!

Keep dating the gym, he won't let you down. ;)

iheartkiwi said...

i truly didn't start loving the gym until i found a super fun girlfriend to work out with!

we pretty much gossip the entire time... and every wednesday we reward ourselves with thai food and a tivo session with "the hills". silly, but it gives you something to look forward to!

i've got the workouts we've been using up on my blog... let me know if you need any ideas or tips!

Hanako66 said...

that is so cool, what a great idea!

my schedule is as such that I finally ditched my membership and bought an elliptical for home and figure that it will eventually pay itself off with membership fees. I have been doing a few videos and wii fit as well. I may have to check out that dvd...there is nothing I miss more in the whole world than my ballet.

Kristy Marie said...

I started going to the gym again.. its such an amazing and beautiful feeling when I get done lol :)

Marisa said...

pools are great. I love nothing better than swimming laps, lost in my own thoughts, not being distracted by anything, I also feel graceful, its probably the one place where I actually am. :) love your blog!