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i'm feeling awfully lonely tonight.

and awfully grateful that tomorrow is another day.


susannah said...

sometimes it;s just time to go to sleep and wake up to a new day. hope your monday rocks today out of the water! i don't even know what that means.

susannah said...
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Elizabeth Marie said...

You're not alone love. A girl in LA with a weave thinks you're fabulous. Did you smile at all?

Sunday nights are notorious for sucking. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day for you. I promise!

Lots of love,

...love Maegan said...

:( ...feel better ...I'm sure you are loved by many and thus, not alone :)

Krissa said...

{cyber hug}
I am sorry you feel so alone. Just know that you have so many people who love ya!
I hope your Monday is great!!!
Good Night!

Micaela said...

me too. I was having such a good day, and then ONE thing... ONE THING that should not be worth your time just ruins it. All it takes is a second. I am crushed right now, and seeing your post here was exactly what I needed to feel less sad, less alone.

So i will drink this glass of wine before sleeping to a new day. A NEW day, indeed!

kSbl said...

I feel the same way as well some days... but I try to make the best of it in my own ways.

Mostly watching old movies, or watching fave TV shows (FRIENDS)... something that makes me smile.

But know that we are here with you in the cyber world including me!

Hope tomorrow is a better day and a great start to a fabulous week!

{sending you a cyber hug and hershey kiss... unless you don't like chocolate, then just send it back to me... hehe}

Diana said...

many people think about you tonight, even if they have never met you.

you are loved.

Alexia said...

Here's a virtual hug, ear and last but most definitely not least, a glass of wine (or whiskey if you prefer. I like whiskey.)

I think that it will be 'the next day' by the time you read this. I hope already that it is a better one.

whitney said...

So often I read your blog and feel like we are going through the exact same emotional experiences but on different coasts. I miss you and hope you have a great day.

Hanako66 said...

I'm so sorry Meg...I hope you woke up in better spirits today!

kathleen said...

I don't even know you, but... I feel like I do. Your writing has touched so many of us. So, know that even when you feel alone, you have moved us and are in our hearts... mine included.