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blond or brunette?

glancing through the new issue of in style i came across the 2009 sexy poll, in which the following question was asked:

what's sexier:
blond or brunet

and the winner? 

well, with a whopping 78%, we brunets took the prize.

whoa nelly, one giant step for brunette bombshells everywhere

and then one terrifying second where i thought maybe i'd been spelling brunet incorrectly all this time.

i gotta go calm down. this is a lot to take in.

ps: i do not smoke.
nor should you.
it's bad. and causes cancer.


kate. said...

so i dont think i have ever commented on your blog, but i am a loyal reader, and i just wanted to say hello. i found your blog through taza's.. anyways,

thank you for your inspiring words! you are incredible.

i referenced your blog on mine just today, so i thought i would let you know.

thanks for being great miss meg fee. i look up to you a lot :)

Alexia said...

I got so excited for a moment there, the moment I thought you smoked. I mean, ridiculously excited! It's as if no one outisde the Med smokes. Everyone's being all... healthy and atuff.

Do you really not smoke, Meg?

heisschic said...

laughing pictures are my favorite. you get to see unplanned, real happiness in them. yep.

78% chose brunette, aye? i dont disagree... but i have to hope that i help represent why 22% chose blond. ha or not.

Diana said...

you are ahead of the game, you represented the brunette bombshells before this survey!

jess said...

Yay for Brunets!! I have to say that I have always been attracted to tall DARK and handsome! oh and I wanted to tell you about a health competition that some friends and I are doing.. I will e-mail you the details if you want to start it with your little gym buddies?!?

Angela said...


Hanako66 said...

yay for us!!!!!!!

Krissa said...

WOOT WOOT!!!! Love Brunettes!!!

Kristy Marie said...

Yeah! Go us brunettes ;) we are awesome.

JULIE said...


Single Girl said...

about damn time people figured it out

Alex said...

Woot! brunettes definitely have more fun!

naomi megan. said...

glad that's not your cigarette. haha, love that disclaimer.

and go brunettes! i always knew this though.