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he will know where to find you

Micaela of dolce vita (one of my very oldest and very dearest blogging friends--she's from Texas too and we're kindred spirits we are) brought the following chunk of poem to my attention:

taken from "At North Farm"
by John Ashbery

Somewhere someone is traveling furiously toward you,
At incredible speed, traveling day and night,
Through blizzards and desert heat, across torrents,
   through narrow passes.

But he will know where to find you,
Recognize you when he sees you

oh Micaela, you know me so well. Perfection, the poem. 

and so all i can say is, okay,

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Alexia said...

Hi Meg-pie
(assuming intimacy yes, but the name just came to me and it sounded so damn cute)
1. Jeffrey MacDaniels- art in words, just beautiful.

2. lemonaer@hotmail.com- ask away!

PS: I just got back from Paris!

Jayne said...

aw, this was beautiful. and it gives me so much hope!

Morgan said...

LOVE. xo

Helen said...

It's true! He'll recognize you!

This is just beautiful, as are so many of Ashbery's poems. And so are you, Meg.

Mariah said...

This is a beautiful thought, and it gives me hope.

RatalieNose said...

Oh that is fabulous!!
So is that picture!!

Sara said...

Ha, I know the feeling. I, too, am prepared to hunker down with a good book and wait.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I'm crying. Wow girl.

I'm waiting too. xo

Micaela said...

Meg again, you've made my day (or night, since it's 12:48 in our TX time). I whole-heartedly thought of you when I read that in the last book i was reading. I dog-eared the page and everything.

He WILL find you, that I'm certain.

Maybe he'll find you while you're reading a book, not even seeing the world around you, not expecting him. Le sigh.

Hanako66 said...

how lovely and perfect that is!

kathleen said...


Belen said...

hi there, i'm stephanie. i stumbled upon this blog entry on a bad day and in a bad mood... but i'm so glad you posted this. thank you... even if you didn't mean this for me. :)

kat. said...

i landed right here today. and it was a soft one indeed. thanks for that poem. i may re-share on my blog, but will of course, link back to your original post. i hope that is fair? peace.full.