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i have inadvertently locked myself inside my apartment.

i can't find my keys. so i can't leave.

i can't find anything lately. keys. metrocards. motivation.

someone come get me.



Hanako66 said...

Oh no!

Hanako66 said...

Oh no!

miss rikki said...

if i lived where you lived, i'd be there! i don't know you, but i'd welcome the adventure and the escape from work. :P

Estee Cook said...

i found your blog via naomi @ rockstar diaries.
i just wanted to tell you that i think you are lovely.
also, there's not a day that goes by where i don't lose my car keys.

what the...?

i don't get it, but is sure makes things interesting, eh?


Helen said...

Uh oh. Did you manage to find them?

I'm with you on the lost motivation (Ramen for dinner ... sweatpants ... thinking about going to bed, despite the fact that my thesis is due one week from TODAY).

Carolyn said...

Something inside thinks that part of this (never mind the percentage)may be intentional...and I love it.

Alexia said...

I feel ya. I'm quite petite. OK, I'm pretty thin but because I have generous boobies and a ghetto bum I always feel bigger than I am. I've always wanted smaller breasts just so that I can... wait for it... wear backless dresses. It kills me that I can't.
Anyhoo, losing stuff seems to be going around like the flu. I lost two wallets and a set of keys. I found two out of three.

Long note. My bad.
Cheer up, eat Fruit Loops.

Anonymous said...

yeaaaaaahhh happens to me twice a week *laugh* especially before i wanna go out for a run... maybe its some weird self protection thing of our subconsciousness...

Valerie said...

oh, i do this all the tiiiiiime. ridiculous. i also lost my blackberry whilst crossing the threshold from my kitchen to my bedroom last night. ?

this is coming from the girl who is on video at age 7 asking where her birthday cake is, when it is right in front of her face. oh, my brain...

Angela said...

Oh Meg, Why didn't you call me?? I was right around the corner honey.
I would have been there in a hot minute.
What is happening???
In the meanwhile, wrap this around you
<3 <3 <3