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Maybe the reason I'll always love Valentine's Day...

...is because growing up there was no better reason to celebrate our immediate family unit.

We had red and pink themed dinners where everyone was in charge of a course. 

Sesame shrimp. Red bell peppers filled with assorted somethings (I remember looking at it in disgust (I was seven, maybe?) and being introduced to the term antioxidants). Apples. Pink frosted cookies. 

And we always got a Valentine's gift. Nothing fancy. Nothing flashy. 

But perfection indeed. 

So when mine came in the mail today. I pulled out each piece and set them on my dresser. Though, I did peek in the red box. And as I suspected...cookies. Now, let me level with you. My mom makes the best sugar cookies. I've heard others make this proclamation and perhaps they're good, but my mother's frosting puts her over the edge. The best frosting. Best. I scoff at store bought frosting--yes, occasionally it hits the spot, but then you taste my mother's and you start to mourn for those who have only ever known the kind that comes in a can. 

So I had one cookie. 


And then put the others in the freezer for safe storage.

I feel so loved.


Sarah said...

mmmmm wish i could try one! happy v day!

naomi megan. said...

so fun. i just got a package of valentines and sugar cookies and little treats from my mother too. i didn't even think of putting them in the freezer for safe storage though.... but i didn't want them to go bad either so i ate them all.

we should have talked yesterday so you could have given me that wise counsel so i wouldn't have woken with a tummy ache today..


krissa reann said...

YUM! those sound good!!!
How fun to get stuff in the mail!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You made my day.

Micaela said...

what a wonderful Mom!!!
how precious.

...love Maegan said...

omg how cute is that!??!?!? adorable.

Elizabeth Marie said...

awwwwww!!! I love Mommys!
Girlll...we need to talk! What line do you freelance for??? MAC is under the "umbrella" too...they always need people, want me to make some calls?? Seriously-I worked with them forever and know tons of people. Let me know!

Let me know! Thanks for the sweet comment...I'm totally stalking you on an hourly basis now.


sheila said...

mmmm. I can appreciate a good sugar cookie. I don't know how good your mom's are, but you make them sound like Granny B's pink sugar cookie. I love those! and am so glad they sell them here in St. George. Hawaii had nothing like that whatsoever.

healthy ashley said...

What a fun little box! How great is it to feel loved?

A. said...

I love that! My mom used to do little things for me on Valentine's day... one year, I got a necklace, one year, a soundtrack to a movie I liked, a teddy bear... it didn't matter, but it was wonderful to know my mom loved me. Moms are the best.

Happy Valentine's day tomorrow!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Little somethin for you on my blog doll :)