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Why I love my family: Reason number 3,342.

At one point, when we were all together this past January, we had a ten-minute discussion as to whether we prefer to fold or crumple our toilet paper before using it.

Think about it.

I myself prefer the folding method. Funny, since I do almost nothing else the civilized way.


sheila said...

that is a great reason to love your family. really! It probably means you can talk about anything.

and in case you were wondering... I am a crumpler.

Meg Fee said...

ha, ha!! i have to amend the post now--i forgot to put my preference!

Meg Fee said...
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Elizabeth Marie said...

haha there's nothing like family.

I'm a folder, by the way...a bit of control in an otherwise chaotic existence! :)


krissa reann said...

HaHa....that is funny...I never actually thought of that. I love those random and off the wall conversations such as that!

healthy ashley said...

What a sweet picture!

(I fold as well so it's in three layers total. Totally TMI but that is just okay!)