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I love that I wouldn't have spent today any other way. Not for anything in the world.

How did I spend it? With Popops and cousin Sean in Connecticut. 

And yes maybe we went to Constantine's. Which maybe my family begrudges me for liking because it means they all have to go when they're in town. And maybe if they complain they hear, "but Meghan likes it." And yes, maybe my full name is Meghan. And maybe I had the burger. Because let's be honest, I'm maybe always gonna be that girl that's gonna have the burger and get tipsy off of one glass of wine. And maybe Pops got some ice cream on the sleeve of his sweater. And maybe as he tried to eat (yes, eat) it off, it then fell on the front leaving another chocolate stain. And maybe this led to a Wal-Mart trip to get Spray and Wash. And then maybe we got home to find he already had some.

And maybe, just maybe, today was perfect.


Elizabeth Marie said...

awww honey this almost made me cry! Sounds like a blessed, perfect day.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

popops souonds like my kinda guy- how cute! and that food sounds really great right now- YUM!

Micaela said...

DARLING!!!! i would have loved to have spent the day with you guys and i would have TOTALLY tried licking the ice cream off my sleeve too :)