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WHERE TO EAT IN NYC | brunch at buttermilk channel

It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that BRUNCH IS A THING here in New York. I've never been a big breakfast food person, so I was slow to the party. But after nine years here (oh, my, good. lord) I came round. And now I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I mostly always want the sweet stuff--french toast, pancakes, and the like--and if that's what I really want, then I should just go ahead and get it. 

Buttermilk Channel is one of my absolute favorite places to go. I've gone more times than I should probably admit. It's a go-to for everything from dates to my mother visiting town. When I'm there for dinner I am helpless against the charms of the cheese plate, the jalepeno cornbread, and the ribs. 

This snow-bound weekend I gave their brunch a go...and oh.my.it.was.just... so good. 
I got the pecan pie french toast with a side of sausage (balancing savory and sweet is the first rule of brunch) and then dipped in several times to the eggs across the table. 

This is all to say...when in New York (well, Brooklyn, actually) and out to brunch, Buttermilk Channel may just be my new favorite place. ever. Ever, ever. 


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molly yeh said...

I LOVE THIS PLACE. it turned me on to brussels sprouts.

marissa (stylebook) said...

serendipitous timing! i was looking for a great sunday brunch spot in brooklyn for this weekend. thanks, pancakes!

heather m said...

Well, now I'm hungry!
When I have the time, brunch has become my favorite meal of the day. I'm hoping to move to New York soon and am going to start keeping a little list of all these fabulous restaurants. Thanks for the delicious tip!

Jessica said...

Mmmm looks absolutely incredible!!!
I wish where I lived we had more places to eat .. sigh.



colleen said...

oh yes! i had forgotten about buttermilk channel - thank you for putting it back on my list.

from lara said...

ooo it all sounds relish! i actually live in the neighborhood and i still haven't visited buttermilk (blasphemous i know!) i really need to make it there for brunch!

Stefanie said...

I love going there when visiting my sister-in-law in Brooklyn; I also love their clever Bloody Mary choices, like the one named after the Sea of the Star Church that comes with an oyster!

Linnea Castro said...

I haven't been there for brunch, but Buttermilk Channel is one of my Carroll Gardens favorites for dinner! My sister-in-law and her family live just a few Brownstones down from it. When we visit, the proximity is just like a magnet drawing us there for delicious oysters and southern faves. I'm making a mental note: next time I'm in town, brunch it is!

BREI said...

Love this place! I try to send everyone I know there. I only get to go when I am visiting from Louisiana so your pictures are making my mouth water.