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WHAT TO DO IN NYC | stumptown coffee @ the ace hotel

Looking into the Coffee Shop.
Coffees and Words.
Talking to a man, latte in hand.
Stumptown with Laura.

if i were ever to leave new york and visit i would stay at the ace. the hotel is cool to the point that it's almost disconcerting--they leave sheet music by the side of the bed. you know, in case you wake up in the middle of the night and feel inclined to jot down a tune. and the men who work there are impeccably dressed in that portland-imported-way that tends to buckles a lady's knees.

oh yes, and the coffee is damn fine, too.

all photos by sam shorey
taken with laura meyers.


and if you're visiting new york:



Emily Gilbert said...

Sounds spectacular! & coffee sounds like the best thing ever this morning <3.

Francesca Forzoni said...

my two favourite bloggerssss - hope you had fun xx

Hannah Nicole said...

looks like lovely. I've heard rave reviews about stump town before. NYC is my go to dream for this year.

Cari said...

It sounds wonderful. One day when I visit NYC I'll be sure to pop in there. Also, these pictures are stunning. x

Elizabeth said...

You always post the simplest, most beautiful photos Meg. Thanks for sharing :)

Carina said...

I love your photos!

Carina http://carstina.blogspot.co.nz/

Alice said...

You ladies look stunning!

ashley canavan said...

Hi Meg,

Love your blog. You have a wonderful writing style.

You should do a post on all your favourite coffee shops in NY

I love a good coffee shop and NY city is on my to do list this


Bridget said...

these are great pictures. and, adding ace to the list of nyc hotels i'd like to check out.

Julie said...

Definitely trying this place the next time I'm in the city (and sending out The Secret-type messages to the universe that it needs to happen soon).

MMW said...

i saw the title of your post and though you were in MY HOMETOWN! Portland!!!
Ace & Stumptown in NYC?

Sam | ashore said...

Knee-buckling portland men (imported or otherwise)? AMEN. Amen to that every. day.

Thanks for sharing these photos, Meg. And for the wonderful weekend. This really was the best - mostly you two, but the coffee too.