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So, I'm totally going to prom this weekend.

Which isn't so much prom as a junior league charity event in Boston.

But my brother and his group of friends have taken to calling it prom, and since I never had prom in high school (strange Southern traditions of cotillion and all that nonsense), I'm seizing this moment and declaring that yes, indeed, this will be the weekend of my first ever prom!!

I got my dress at a vintage shop here in Brooklyn for a ridiculously low price and yesterday my mother took me shopping for some gold-heeled-shoes. My girlfriend Kim told me that the heel is entirely too low for any event masquerading as a prom, but since that it was my first real foray into heeldom, they would suffice. 

My brother, being the organizer that he is, began an email chain which quickly devolved into prom do's and don'ts, followed by an extremely detailed email correspondence between one of my brother's friends and his girlfriend Lennay Kekua (does that name sound familiar? google it). The whole thing was genius and if I wasn't before excited to meet Connor's friends, I am now.

But I do want to get back to the subject at hand: PROM!!

What are the do's and don'ts? A low heel may be a don't, but it's a don't that I'm going to own with pride. Some of the other suggestions were to bring a minimum of three flasks (one is a tease) {If you are going to prom and are under the age of 21, I am in no way condoning drinking. I am 27 and therefore, very, very legal. We all must pay our dues}. And that polaroids are better than instagram (which means my Fuji instamax is already packed). But what else?

What does one do at prom? What did you all do and wear at your first prom?! Tell me everything, bring me into the circle of girl-talk. 


Christine said...

Ahh Prom..

I actually didnt wear a too high of a heel. Color me high-heel challenged (even 5 years later). Also, I think for the most part all the ladies took off their shoes about 20 minutes in. We kept it classy in Ft. Lauderdale.

The one thing I remember about my Prom was that we had the distinct pleasure of breathalyzers before entering said establishment and had to have our student IDs the whole time. That was de-lightful.

But Prom was fun, lots of dancing, talking about college and surprisingly good food. No flasks though. Have a good quote-unquote Prom!

look a little closer said...

circle dances! don't be afraid to go in the center and do silly, silly moves (double silly!). get everyone on that dance floor in your circle! hehe.

Brittan said...

I didn't have traditional prom either so my friends and I had prom for my 25th birthday party. Polaroids are a must -- we also had a photographer and cheesy backdrop. I also wore low heels and a cheap sample sale dress. My friends made trashcan punch with too much gin and brought Smirnoff Ice, and then remembered that some things are better left in high school...

I highly suggest listening to some late nineties/early 00s music to prep for the night and eating something delicious and not very good for you in the wee hours of the morning.

My prom:


jackie said...

I agree- one flask is totally a tease. 3 flasks can be brought if properly hidden, so get on that.

Also, a lot of the fun of prom is the after prom. High on dancing and alcohol, go find the greasiest food joint you can manage and get a big fat burger. It makes the whole experience that much better.

Also, your brother's friends sound like my kind of friends. The best kind of friends. Have so much fun, pretty girl.

Alex said...

Ah you're coming to my hood! Yay Boston!!

As for prom...well...I danced and hung out with my friends in the bathroom. In college I went to a bunch of fraternity formals, and they were more of the same but I drank. A lot. So I'd say that is more like what you'll experience. For my first prom, I wore a beachy pink dress. I wasn't very formal. But my favorite dress was one I wore to a frat formal: one shoulder silk knee-length sheath. I was the prettiest one there. Or so I thought :)

Laura Marie Meyers said...

"Prom pose" is crucial — the guy awkwardly standing behind the girl, preferably on a set of steps where all the other couples are doing the same.

Jessica said...

I danced and laughed and sat and ate and chatted and danced and danced and danced and then went bowling. And I wore turquoise satin. I despise satin.

Beatriz Ramirez-Belt said...

Prom is nothing like what the movies told me it would be. Everyone dressed nice, I won prom queen and my high school sweetheart was prom king,the evening was going awesome. But as soon as the dinner finished (the kind of dinner where the waiters fixed your forks and spoons if you had accidentally jumbled them up) shoes were taken off, expensive gowns were hiked up, and asses were in the air oh and many secret table lap dances were given. Orlando Fl is a classy place..

It really made no sense.
But the after party was a lot more fun.

Anonymous said...

not that this will shock you in the slightest, meg, but i skipped my senior prom entirely to go to the national debate tournament. ah, memories.

Julie said...

I think the getting ready part is pretty fun; too many girls stuffed into a bathroom, curling each others' hair and affirming how cute everyone looks.

And then going out after, definitely! If you're anywhere near Fenway, check out Citizen Oyster Bar. Best Manhattans and burgers ever in life.

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

OMG well if you want it to feel legit, have a crappy date! Get drunk on the way there! Drink from your flask in the bathroom stalls with your GFs, run every time you hear a slow song, cry at least twice, go home with the exact opposite person you planned on going home with and wake up with lots of regret and SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT WITH ALL SAID GIRLFRIENDS. PROM IS THE FUNNEST. But worst. You're going to love it...

I wore a coral dress that I'm still in love with and had my hair curled and half up/half down and so much mascara.

Maggie said...

Be sure to lose your virginity or you're a loser.

er, something like that.

P.S. low heels for an evening of dancing is pretty wise, I say.

Melissa Fielman said...

Oh, prom! In my part of Indiana, the girls got together to get ready. Then all of the couples in your group take pictures in a scenic area. Dinner is eaten somewhere. Shoes come off as soon as you enter. So much fun/funny dancing. Last dance sadness as it was the end of our high school era. Then after prom was full of games and winning prizes until 3 in the morning. Then drinking at someone's house.

Also, for dresses: I borrowed a big poofy cinderella-esque one for my junior prom and went short, sassy, and very inexpensive for my senior year.

Dances in college were about the same.

Have so much fun!

Rebecca said...

I haven't had my Prom yet (it's in a few months!), but at the third formal dance I hosted, the girls on the planning committee brought sweatpants, pulled them on over our dresses, and danced on stage to "Get Low". It was awesome.

Laura C said...

Make sure to dance to some crazy techno songs, wear all the fancy makeup you want, and don't be afraid to talk to the prom king (should you find a 27-year-old equivalent).

Have fun!

Emma Karen said...

I wore high heels to prom my junior year and it was maybe the worst decision- my feet were killing. However, I wore flats (I'm pretty sure) my senior year and it was maybe the best decision. Also, dance your heart out because that's what makes prom the best. Oh, and spend hours getting ready. Because everyone enjoys spending copious amounts of time looking pretty every once in a while- right?

Betsy said...

What? Low heels are much better for Prom with all that dancing. Prom was my first foray into the world of heels so low was definitely in.

Let's see--no drinking at my prom. I was a good girl. SATs were taken the morning of Prom for all of us juniors. Seriously it was like a tradition. Otherwise, fancy place for dinner beforehand, corsages, lots of group dancing, switching up dancing with other dates, formal hair, themes (Night Moves and Party Like It's 1999 for my proms), big entrances (our town all gathers and takes pictures of the teenagers walking into Prom and it is awesome), and basically just a good time with good friends. I probably had more fun at some college dances, but man alive, I have some good memories of Prom and those wonderful people.

iheartkiwi said...

LOVED your prom Instagram photos :)

Your dress was perfection!