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because i couldn't think of any one thing more necessary to share as we enter this new year.

(as a human being).


Olivia Moonitz said...

This is the greatest video ever. Thanks for sharing.

hannah debbie said...

thank you SO much for sharing this. Enough is enough.

jackiek said...

i completely agree. thank you for sharing this. the new year demands change.

k8te said...

this is perfect.

Holly Bierly Young said...

I really do love this. However, I think "all this" is about the media and our culture's OBSESSION with "the bad guy." I've heard almost as much about Adam Lanza as I have the actual victims. I wonder how things would change if the media refused to even release the name/photo of the shooter.

I do think gun control is important, but it is ALSO a mental health issue.

If not guns- then knives...then bombs....then- shoot even pushing people in front of subways as NYC has seen TWICE in recent weeks.

We also need a better plan for helping people with mental illnesses. So many people have said about Adam Lanza...the shooter in Arizona....at Virginia Tech...there were signs...red flags and such.

What can be done? I'm not sure. I'm hoping someone does.

Sorry for high-jacking your post. I just love your blog, Meg.

Thanks for sharing your corner with us.

emilia. said...

Also, many of the stars in this commercial have been in violent movies or movies which promote gun violence as cool/powerful or (worse) funny.

I think looking at gun control is over-simplifying the issue (and this video is using fear to persuade which is always a little shady). It seems like the media should own the role they play (movies, tv, video games). The issue is deeper than gun laws. And more complicated (i.e. mental health as stated in a previous comment).

Jill said...

After this happened to Michael Moore when he won the Oscar for 'Bowling for Columbine'


I don't look to 'Hollywood' for motivation to do the right thing.

I agree 100% with everything expressed but I believe it would have been more powerful if delivered by friends and family members of the victims of gun violence.

I admire those who have spoken as actors and artist but gag when they start getting political. Yuck!

meg fee said...

what interesting subjects raised ladies. you've given me alot to think about. xo

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

I really like the conversation sparked by this video. Finding good blogs is so important, not only because of the great content (you) put out there, but also finding insighful readers/commenters. I'm fortunate to have found it... Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

you can sign onto a petition here in the same vein: http://act.drsforamerica.org/sign/gun_safety_petition/?akid=1006.16869.q30XJq&rd=1&t=1#.UOSG4OpU4fl

we are looking for 5,000 signatures by tomorrow when our organization will meet with vp joe to discuss actions to curb gun violence. it is a complex issue involving firearm regulation, mental illness, and societal norms, but we've got to start somewhere. thanks for the video, meg!