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IN NEW YORK// {carroll gardens, brooklyn}

framed in green

yard sale

plants and greens and flowers, oh my.


thank goodness for green

what's behind the red door

sit here

love in bk

life in here

front yards

espresso then milk

bikes in bk

correct all is fare

there's a culture here that i'm quickly learning about: stoop sales and sidewalk shops and the practice of just-leaving-stuff-on-the-sidewalk-for-anyone-to-take.

the friday i moved to caroll gardens i, and two of my dearest girlfriends (who i now owe quite a bit to), drove in a uhaul truck the length of manhattan. once we arrived on the narrow street i now call home (roughly...oh... four hours later than expected) i ran upstairs to use my bathroom for the first time while these two ladies  (deeply, deeply indebted i am to them--i many have grossly underestimated the situation) took everything out of the truck and placed it on the sidewalk (down the street from my building). i was unusually embarrassed by having all of my stuff right out there on display, but seeing as how i had gotten us into this very trying and difficult situation with no literal manpower in sight, i didn't have much of a leg to stand on. so we ferried the stuff from that corner of the sidewalk to the front of the building, and then up the three flights of steps to the fourth floor.

only later in the evening, after some wine and food, did ashlea allow kim to reveal that she, upon returning to the corner after a drop-off-trip, had found an older woman ferreting through my things. (keep in mind, there's a huge precedent here for people just leaving stuff on the sidewalk for other to take. a precedent--a culture--that at the time we were not aware of). no, no, this is my stuff, i'm moving in kim declared, running towards her. oh, i thought it seemed like a lot of nice stuff to just give away. these manila envelopes, in particular, they're very nice, very expensive. 

of all the things, the woman was after my envelopes. (lady, i got 'em at office depot).

with the move done and the manila-envelope-crisis averted this culture of sidewalk sales and barters and giveaways is one of the things i can now say with great confidence that i love most about living here.

well, that and the lattes i now make in my kitchen.
and then there's the front yards.
and the back yards.
and the trees on every corner.
more than just every corner, actually. there are trees everywhere.
and i am a happy girl.
(you all tired of me talking about it, yet?)


Maria said...

I love hearing you talk about your new home! Your perspective on things is absolutely unique and beautiful!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i want to be a happy nyc girl, too!

chelle. said...

i love that you talk about your city...i am very jealous of you. i want to live in new york with every being in my soul...but such is not my path currently.

and oddly enough, i was listening to this song when i read your post...so i had to share.


Carrie Rosalind said...

I LOVE your posts lately, talk about your new space all you want. Also, please write a book soon. :)

Luka, said...

i would love to live in a world where everyone just puts the things he decided to part from onto the sidewalk for others to take.
it is heartwarming to hear that such places already exist.

annelise said...

Summer in Brooklyn looks beautiful.

andrea said...

You are very talented at taking pictures! They are beautiful :)
They make me want to drop everything and head to NYC!

Emily said...

Goodness, the more I learn about Brooklyn, the more I think I would love it. Please, please keep talking about it!

Amy said...

I love reading about Brooklyn! I'm kind of sad I've never visited on any of my NY trips. Next time! It sounds wonderful!

Freya Lily said...

I spent the weekend in Carroll Gardens!!! It's so pretty there, no?? My boyfriend and I live in New Haven and are moving soon to Toronto but after this year, he's shooting to be relocated to his companies New Jersey office and wants to live in Brooklyn. It was fun playing house and looking at apartments on the Internet in Smith Canteen :) Have a good time!!


Alyssa said...

This is such a great post. I LOVE the pictures. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

nancy said...

these photos are lovely. as is your moving-day story! I love it! I'm glad you're happy, and definitely am not getting sick of reading about it.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos, especially the last one of the 'love' map :) Cheeky...
And HOW do you make lattes at home? That is the secret of the universe in my mind..

Sierra said...

No! I am not tired of you talking about!
And I'm not tired of these beautiful pictures. Still envious of your brooklyn life!
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Diana said...

I could never be tired of hearing you talk about Brooklyn! I can't wait to move back myself, but until then, I can live vicariously through you! I'm so happy for you!

Diana said...

Just realized, I'm not actually HEARING you talk about anything, but you got the point I'm sure. Haha.

Erin said...

i will never tire of reading about the trees. actually i am impressed that brooklyn has trees. i would love to visit someday.

samara dane said...

i never get tired of reading about your new home! i think it's so fun to follow along. glad you're happy:)

sara said...

i want to live where you live. you make it look and sound irresistable!

Ariel Tyler said...

Love your pictures. And how random that she wanted your envelopes! hah.

wildchild said...

not tired of it at all! i'm so happy that you're happy and i'll never get sick of your writing! brag on!

Rachel Upshaw said...

Totally guilty of *almost* going through people's stuff that they were moving! Granted it was a chest and chairs, not envelopes, but still! Oh NYC, how I miss thee

Jessica said...

no! no!
keep talking about it!!
i look forward to these posts, they are SO refreshing. :)

Lottie said...

As though it was the envelopes that drew the woman in.

this tale made me laugh--and you never know what little treasures you may find :)

debsfreckles said...

I am just so happy for you.