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WHERE TO EAT IN NYC// vinegar hill house {vinegar hill, brooklyn}

vinegar hill house

vinegar hill house 3

"i'm so happy"

vinegar hill house 2

duck mousse

it had rained all day

cobble stone

the stage

last night, on a whim (and the recommendation of a GQ article), my friend kim and i trekked from my home in caroll gardens to another small brooklyn neighborhood: vinegar hill.

(full disclosure: before last night i didn't even know vinegar hill existed). what's in vinegar hill, brooklyn? well, while i can't answer that question fully because lord, if i know, i can say: cobble stone streets and a lovely, lovely restaurant named vinegar hill house.

already, i know this is a place that i will return to again and again. it is, in many ways, in the middle of nowhere. the street it's on feels empty and deserted and cozy all at once. the food is, oh man...something else...simple and elegant. and there's a backyard garden. (i'm always in search of a good backyard garden). all evening i just kept saying, i'm so happy.

go for the meat and cheese plate and stay because you've been transported to a world you don't often find in new york city. don't be afraid to speak to those at the neighboring tables and know you might have to wait for a table (but it's definitely worth it).

what: vinegar hill house
where: vinegar hill, brooklyn
phone: 718-522-1018
advice: if you're leaving from the restaurant late at night don't hesitate to call for a car service. the restaurant is a bit removed from public transport and sometimes it's worth those ten extra dollars for a cab. 


Jacob Phelps said...

It looks like a divine place. Thanks for sharing!

Alexa said...

gorgeous! i love little discoveries like this. also, your top is so sweet!

Sarah said...

Sounds lovely and when I looked at those cobble stone streets it instantly made me think of all the things those stones have seen.

sara said...

looks like such a great atmosphere. any place you are lead to by cobbletone streets seems like a promising one to me.

i have to add, i love your glasses!

Maria said...

This sonds so good. I love little diners. There are so much better than big chain restaurants!

Claire Kiefer said...

I saw your food pics on instagram and wanted to know all about what you were eating and where. I'm charmed at the thought of anywhere in New York City as "the middle of nowhere." That's a delightful notion. :)

colleen said...

i've been meaning to get to vinegar hill for awhile - your pictures are even more convincing.

Lisa said...

This is going into my "Where to Eat in NY" file. I appreciate the info, thanks for posting.

Brittany said...

man, your hair grows fast! seems like you just cut it!