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linking up.


how to wear bright lipstick.
case in point
totes worth toting.
next time i'm in sydney, this'll be my first stop.
such fan of kinfolk and this film team.
the truth about sugar?
debunking certain "truths"
desperate to have this above my mantle. (desperate for a mantle).
and these shoes!

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Freya Lily said...

Love the post! I'm enjoying the website where you found the tote!! And thanks for the lipstick tutorial!

Lottie said...

I love a link list--and I love that photo makes me think of Sex and the City although I am not sure why, think it is the stairs.

Mary said...

Cool links. All these articles about sugar (not just here - I'm seeing them everywhere lately) are killing me. I try my best and eat pretty healthy overall, but a life without ice cream is really no life at all.

Hope Johnson said...

I've read obsessively about sugar's effect on health when I was ill. Quick fixes and the guilt associated with anti-sugar campaigns are very attractive to those who are a bit lost.

I truly believe that 'quitting sugar' is the same as removing carbs, not eating after 7pm, avoiding eggs etc. It's the new, hottest, solution, and seductive in it's simplicity. Sure, it's good to be aware if you are consuming too much sugar and then actively cut back. It's good to get used to foods not being 'super sweet' and more their natural flavours.

Labelling sugar as addictive or forbidden is, in my opinion, going to lead to people following strict regimes/rules or believing they have "relapsed".

isabella said...

i am so happy to find someone who is liking sunday lovers on they blog! 4 those who have never heard....seee here:


Anonymous said...

eeeek! I love when tulipsandlattes is linked up here! all of the girl love! xo

also, I thought about you the other day! you know who would play you in a movie? Olivia Wilde. that's who. so, there. you officially win at life.

Jennifer M. said...

Fascinating article on the "debunking" link. I should try giving up sugar for a month and see what happens. It actually sounds very healthy (especially if you don't replace it with a lot of artificial "sugar"), but I'm not sure if I'd have the will-power to do it!