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linking up and a giveaway winner announced!

a wedding tumblr. sigh.
a poignant look at a marriage ending young.
did you all watch HBO's Girls? what did you think? an interesting response to all the response.
ed norton can write. and he's got some really good, really important stuff to say. (earth day).
i love this. what did you do (or are you doing) with your twenties?
thinking of taking up running. (though in all fairness i've been thinking about this for most of my adult life).

and the giveaway winner:

congratulations Caitlin! shoot me an email so i know where to send your wallet!

on a similar note: i can't thank you all enough for your kind, kind words that move me, humble me, and keep me going. i am one lucky lady. 

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Jacob Phelps said...

Congrats to the winner!

Love the photo, too. There is an unmistakable beauty in fresh flowers.

Alex said...

I absolutely loved Girls! It's smart, hilarious, and relatable.

sreesha said...

This woke me up a little bit. 'what did you do (or are you doing) with your twenties?'

I'm twenty four. And I'm waiting... I'm in the waiting zone.

Jennifer M. said...
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Jennifer M. said...
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Jennifer M. said...

As a 32-year-old who recently moved back in with her parents to finish school, I found the show, Girls, to be very realistic. I understand the struggle of trying to transition into the "real" world despite being paid crap money at a job that doesn't appreciate me. I understand hang a larger waistline; I understand feeling like I have something important to say if I could only figure out what it was; I understand sitting with your girlfriends in the bathroom talking, despite how weird that must seem to most guys. It all felt very real to me.

I have read a lot of the criticisms of this show but haven't paid them any attention. This show, like thousands of others, fails to diversify it's cast, or whatever... I suppose I should care, but I really don't. What I care about is the honesty of the characters they ARE portraying. I see myself in those characters and for that I appreciate the story they're trying to tell here. For what it's worth, I'll definitely continue watching.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ed norton. love.