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a wasteland.

you should see the bottom of my purse right now. for anyone who thinks i have my life together--or ever, at any point in time, had my life together--you should see the bottom of my purse. goldfish. cracked and smashed and week-old, forgotten goldfish. of the cheddar persuasion--you know, the kind eight year olds eat?  yes, week-old goldfish that i haven't had the energy or time to take care of just sitting there, mucking up my purse and everything in it.

muck feels like a good word for my life right now.

stuck in the muck. the mud. (actually, i got a few other choice words for it, but i'll refrain).

tom, i'm in it right now, i said this morning when i saw him.

you are?

yes, look, i said pulling out my purse and brandishing its contents like a...like a something. i don't know.

life made manifest in the form of a littered purse.

you should see my room. my apartment.


tom took a good look at it, looked at me, you know everyone should have some weeks when the bottom of their purse is little more than littered goldfish.

i sure as hell hope he's right. he usually is.


Kylie said...

Your friend is right.

If it makes you feel better, I just checked my bag and it is filled with a very special brand of debris (namely a pack of melted gum and sand...).

Wow that sounded a lot worse out loud. Hope that was some comfort to you! :P

communikate. said...

Oh girl.. I've been known to pull out my wallet and bits of smashed up candy stuck to it.

Is is okay if mine is more than just weeks of mess? Oy... mess, that's how I feel about life in general.

Give it time, in a few weeks/months you'll look back at this and see you made it through (plus those goldfish have to help right?)

Meghan said...

oh my purse is littered with crumbs from numerous Kashi granola bars. There is no more energy left to clean that out, or the house. oh the house. so grateful my boyfriend can tolerate a slob :)

Ana Magdalena said...
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wildchild said...

oh, wise wise tom. if a mucky purse is the sign of a mucky life, i've been in it since i started carrying a purse. you'll be alright, honey :)

kate said...

i think tom sounds like somewhat of a genius and quite a swell guy.

Madeline said...

Meg. I also have discovered. Bunch of smashed gd fish in the bottom of my purse. It's best to move on in other aspects of our lives. Perhaps the purse will sort itself out!

Rebecca said...

Between work and school and a long distance love affair, I feel scattered and crumbly like the goldfish pretty regularly. It helps to just take one moment at a time.

Erin said...

lol i love this post. i can relate so much right now. my purse isn't much nicer this week, tho i'm not sure why. it just isn't.