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You, Me & Charlie

remember when i wrote this

well today it was featured on dianna agron's lovely and brilliant site, You, Me & Charlie

needless to say, i'm deeply honored. it's always interesting to see your words somewhere else and know they no longer belong to you--you start to see them through different eyes (usually kinder) and that in itself is an experience worth chasing. 


Celeste said...

I loved recognizing your words on YM&C. And I agree, it's so nice seeing your words somewhere else-- whenever they post something I wrote, my heart flutters a little.

Sonja said...

aww that's amazing Meg! Congratulations!
your words are always so beautiful... definitely worth spreading!

Sonja said...
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Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...


i want to be the mom who meal plans and whose kids grow to know Jesus. i want to grow old with my husband and be really great at coaching woman through natural labor and I'd love to have a back yard someday.

your words are lovely, as always!

haley said...

congrats! that is always great!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today and I'm in love with it...i'm just starting to get the old grey matter working again after having baby brain for 2 years. Your words are helping! Thanks.