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the head and the heart: encore.

lord knows i love the head and the heart. having seen them last february i was particularly struck by some of the lyrics this go round. how simple the syntax and profound the thought.

this go round jonathan russel came out and sang a solo song as part of the encore.

and i found the song itself--with its potent words--one of the most captivating moments in the night.

(so enjoy this video i found on youtube). and a very happy thursday to you all.
is it muggy where you are? new york has been mugged in (let's call it that, shall we?) for like two weeks now and i'm desperate for fall to return.


JuJu said...

This song is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

And i am too, ready for fall to return. I live in Germany and right now temperatures are up to 76° - it's not normal ...

Let's hope for chilly winds and that special fall time feeling. I'm more of a fall person myself.

i hope you have a very happy thursday, as well.

btw. do you still have your book club meetings? Would love to know what you're reading at the moment.


Jenny said...

DC had been mugged in as well. Apparently it's supposed to go away tomorrow and I can't wait. My scarves have been waiting many long months for their time to shine.

look a little closer said...

agreed on ny being muggy. i call it "global warming september" and i hate it.

Alex said...

Not that it's anything unusual, but Houston is muggy as all get out. Today it's almost 100. Miserable!

communikate. said...


sounds like a great show.i'm really hoping to see them later this month in portland.

forward [e]motion said...

love that video!

and thank you for switching me on to this band! i went out and bought their cd straight away after i first saw you share their music. i have such a strong response to this music - sometimes my soul feels full - too full - of happiness, and other times i find it hard to breathe and my throat feels all choked up. it's just too beautiful!

i can't wait to see them later this year too! they are coming out this summer to play at a beautiful festival down in tasmania over new years and i will be there will bells on, i'm so looking forward to bringing in the new year with their music..

bel. x

Kate said...

I went and bought the CD too - their music hit me in a way I can't describe... Thanks Meg...