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my manhattan: dark woods, intersecting lines, and sumptuous feasts.

two chairs

spinach pizzas

magnolia cupcakes

intersecting lines

arte nook

alice's spread

the mac boys did a bang-up job and i'm deeply indebted to them for the return of the computer in all its glory. coffee be damned!

i'll be back next week with things to say and (even--i hope) a giveaway!

i just want to take this moment to send my prayers to japan and beyond. this natural disaster is another startling reminder of the earth's undeniable power and as one tweet said "that we're just guests on this planet." it then falls to us to treat the earth with respect and reverence--to preserve the tenuous balance that mother nature lords over--we can do this in what we choose to eat, how we harvest food and animals, consumption of all kinds and on and on. now is the time to say prayers, give thanks, and go about enacting change.

till monday...


becky said...

You could not have said truer words, Meg.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! And yes, prayers!

Ariel said...

Lovely pictures. And your words are so true!
~Ariel from http://adreamersdaze.blogspot.com/

iheartkiwi said...

Loving your photos miss Meg. Can you make "My Manhattan" a regular feature please :)

Definitely sending lots of prayers and good thoughts to Japan.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly echo the sentiments in that last paragraph.

cristie said...

lovely, important thoughts. xox

AA said...

mmmm...looks delicious!


follow me, please?

Meg said...

Perfect post!

Kate said...

Those pictures are gorgeous, I'm so extremely jealous of your camera.

It's just so devastating to hear all that's happened in Japan. I can't even imagine.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

it's so depressing. natural disasters are so frustrating.

in happier news, the food in that photo is making me want to move to new york....maybe sleep on that velvety green couch until i find a place of my own? hmmm....

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

Dark wood is my weakness... NOT "what she said" ... I really just love dark wood.

allie said...

just discovered your blog... you have some great photos and interesting things to say... i'll be following!

xo, allie