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the other day i was talking with someone--doing (i'm sure) what i usually do where i tend to say too much and yet still remain ambiguous.

they turned to me, gave me a funny, little smile and said, you sure live an interesting life right now. 

i'm quite sure it was meant to be a slight dig--a loving and friendly dig, but a dig nonetheless.

but i just smiled and thought, yeah, it is pretty interesting, isn't it.

and i'm so very proud that it's just that: interesting. and yes, odd.


Mackenzie said...

oh man, this is me as well. no one can escape dropping out of school, going to chicago, new york, and boston and san fran and escape the "weird" or "interesting" digs. i can totally relate, meg :) but wouldn't you rather have that than a safe existence? :)

Katie Jo said...

Sounds like me :)

Interesting isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'd rather it be interesting than predictable :)

Jewels said...

I'll never understand the people who think "interesting" is a bad thing. I'll never grasp why people say things like that with the intent to injure (even minorly) when being interesting is so much better than boring; unique so much better than being ordinary. So glad you told them how happy you are to be leading an interesting and even odd life...for that is what we should all want for ourselves; a life full of interest.

Sarah said...

You will never be boring and plain. That is something to be very proud of.

I know I am :)

christine said...

Oh goodness, giving me interesting any day of the week. Even when it's hard and my heart is being broken, I want interesting because it's always so much better than safe.

good luck.

Ana* said...

the world needs more people who want to live an interesting odd life :)

mama said...

i'm jealous.

i just tend to say too much. period.

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

I had someone tell me this weekend- I am so interested in your life. Marrying an Ethiopian was such a big risk I cant wait to see what happens.

OK we all know that means she is waiting to watch it all fall apart.

A mean thing, said in a nice way is still mean.

and I think most people are just bored of their ordinary lives.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i think i do that "say too much ambiguously" thing too....and i think we'd be good friends because of it.

Emily said...

interesting is good!

p.s. i just wanted to say thank you! i bought asparagus yesterday because i've always wanted to try it (well, i've tried it, but i used to not like it when i was younger) and because whenever i think of asparagus, i think of your blog because you always mention it. now i'm hooked! it's delicious! :)

AbbieBabble said...

I think interesting is the PERFECT way to live your life. Who wants a boring one?

Kari said...

:) I was watching tv last night and the couple was in a helicopter over NYC and my first thought was, 'I wonder where Meg is.'

I believe it was something fabulously interesting.

angela hardison said...

i've had people say things like that to me before. and even though it's maybe meant to be a dig, i love it. haha. hooray for interesting lives!