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the girl with the patchwork heart: a story (a hope)

sometimes she could feel it coming towards here before she ever saw it.
she would feel the rattle in her bones, look up and watch it approach.
a swift sweep across the horizon. a runaway train.
coming for her.
and she was helpless.
simply had to stand there and await its impact.
such was attraction.
most of the time she could ferret it out before it overwhelmed her.
she learned to read the signs.
dark curls of the hair. mischievous sidelong-glances. brooding dispositions. a kindred sadness. long eyelashes and deep-set eyes. strong hands and broad shoulders.

but this. this was altogether something new. different.
this had caught her totally by surprise.
she turned around one day and there it was.

he was good.
it was his goodness.
palpable. quietly radiating.
simple and pure.
and she wanted to touch it.
she wanted to reach out.
place palm against chest and feel it.
to know it with her fingertips.

but she knew.
wherever--however the attraction began.
despite pure intentions and good beginnings it carried in it the seeds of great heartbreak.
and she had loved so often. outwardly. in so many directions at once.
been forced to patch her heart together with nothing but scraps of twine and discarded threads.
and so she couldn't imagine.
couldn't imagine how heartbreak was not the inevitable end.

so she closed her mouth. stopped talking. bent her head as he approached.
tried desperately to preserve what little she had.

and yet.
she wondered.
if he might show her.
an alternate ending.


Tanu said...

wow !! loved the ending !!

Laura C said...

absolutely lovely.

"couldn't imagine how heartbreak was not the inevitable end." so perfect.

Brittany said...

meg meg meg. i fell in love with a mr. goodness too. they are the best kind of misters. excited for you.

Larissa Wunder said...

love it.

Laura Marie said...

lovelovelove (and so, so have related to this one a time or two!)

happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

this is amazing.

nicole said...

i'm speechless. (not really) could you PLEASE publish a little book of your writing? please please!!

Alex said...


Miss M said...

This falls pretty close to my own heart. Your writing inspires thoughts of new favorite poet:
"Love is the reality, and poetry is the drum that calls us to that" -Rumi

Anait said...

This is absolutely, strikingly beautiful.

Kyle said...

wow. This is so powerful. the imagery is fantastic. kudos Meg Fee.


jess said...

as always I love, love your incredible skill with words..

from my own experience: sometimes it's nice to fall be it with Mr. right/wrong bad, boy/knight in shining armor, stunningly handsome/man with a good heart.. because although it most definitely will end (probably badly) at least for that moment while we fall we know what it feels like to be alive and the tingles.. oh the tingles, they are always worth it!!

Ana* said...

What a beautiful story!!

sharlyn emily said...

you are truly something, my dear. truly something.

i hope your work gets published someday. absolutely wonderful.

Rachael said...

You're so good with words! Like a poem. Not sure if you're talking about someone you know as a close friend, or a stranger, but lovely either way!

communikate. said...

please put me down for the first copy of your book. :)

but seriously.

write one would you?

christine said...

Here's to alternate endings for you and for me!

Dinner next week with an intriguing man, who has all sorts of alternate ending potential.

Miss E said...

Beautiful! I feel so lucky to have a Mr. Goodness of my own. You have a lovely writing style.

Brittany said...

so so beautiful. funny how you always know just what to say and how to say it. i'd love to hear how this one turns out.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oooooooooooooh my goodness!

Marisa said...

truly amazing.. as ever!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh what a beautiful ending!

Yelena said...

that is so beautiful. and true and quite heartbreaking. I literally got the shivers reading it! you're amazing! :)

Shelby Lou said...

The ending is what is the best thing about this. I love the ending.

Platypodian said...

This is super amazing!

Yvonne Anderson said...

I marvel at your words Meg...pure, simple,elegant.

Kimbo said...

You are one of my favorite writers.

angela hardison said...

beautiful. and perfect ending.

Jay said...

wow, beautiful!! you are just too good with words :)

Mary Grace said...

Oh my god! This post just gave me the chills. This is so beautiful. And so inspiring.

Mackenzie said...

meg, please oh please can i commission you to make a book filled with little lovelies like this? this was brilliant. beyond brilliant. the ending made me so happy. i kind of like to think a relationship is sort of like a "choose your own adventure novel", never know what ending you are going to get :)

Claire said...

I love your stories. I love this.

Steve and Jess said...

Your writing is beautiful.

Boyd said...

First contact, first reading, lasting smile. Lovely wishes for you!

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

so pretty.

Rachel said...

I absolutely ADORE this.
And definitely identify.

I love your blog. And you as well :) You are absolutely lovely!