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a little bit of Christmas.

the tree that glows

ultimate gingerbread house

walk through town

the ice cream santa!



my grandmother's tree

christmas cookies



self-timer on the camera!

(and yes. that santa i'm with? it's made of ice cream).


andrea said...

All those cookies look SO GOOD. And a Santa made of ice cream? Your Christmas trumps my Christmas HANDS DOWN.

PS: Best of luck dealing with the blizzard! I would literally die if faced with that much snow. I'm a true Texas girl - I'm resentful when the temperature falls below 60.

Anait said...

Hi Meg! I found your blog randomly and I am so glad I did because I love it. I've been lusting after a Vespa for quite some time now, and I dream of living in Europe 24/7. I love your header and your whole blog is so whimsical....I'm hooked!

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Jay said...

wow, an ice cream santa! that's so cool :p did you bite his head off?

wilybrunette said...

@jay: it was the first thing we scooped off. his head sat in the cream scooper--i don't know why, but i thought it was so funny!

heather said...

it looks like you had a lovely christmas. :) also, poppers are the best!

Alex said...

Santa made of ice cream?! YES PLEASE.

Betsey said...

ahh, these photos are so lovely and perfectly capture Christmas! I LOVE the photo of the reflection in the windows! And the one through the door, is so sweet! :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

an ice cream santa? oh my goodness!

Sonja said...

Whaaat? The ice cream santa boggles my mind!
How ? Is it from a mold? So cool!
Glad to see you had such a good time! :o)

Shanley said...

That ice cream is just fabulous. I thought it was wax when I first saw the photo. HA! On another note, just sent you an email :)

AbbieBabble said...

That ice cream Santa is even more amazing than an ice cream pie!

Alyssa said...

The christmas tree picture is exactly how any perfect christmas tree should look. Its movie perfect!!!

Merry Christmas Lovely

Sara said...

It's always heart-warming to see Fanta on the dinner table.

The only way I could be happier is if there was a Fresca right outside of the shot.

Kelly said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas : ) My grandma has that ceramic Christmas tree with the lights! I love it lots.

Jay said...

ah, perfect!! and just a little macabre ;)