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around noon today i enjoyed the first hint of blizzard...

first snow of the season! (a blizzard, no less)

but as i walked home around nine tonight enjoyment would not have been the word i used. nor would i employ hint when referring to the blizzard. 

let's just say, i had my umbrella facing headlong into the wind, my free arm shielding my eyes from the potent precipitation, and i still didn't think i was gonna get through the block and the half to the subway. 

it's gonna be interesting to see what kind of a world i wake to tomorrow, because it sure as heck is snowing. and i mean snowing

(rough as it may prove to be, don't think i'm not enjoying every second. the sound of white: thrusting wind and city silence.)


Ashley said...

Oooo sounds wonderful besides the whole snow in the face thing.

I wish it were snowing here in CA. =)

Ruth said...

Ah yes--Connecticut is getting hit badly, too. But I do rather enjoy it! Any excuse to stay in tucked in blankets and drinking tea is good in my book.

Merry Christmas!

communikate. said...

snow sounds way better than constant rain. maybe.
safe travels tomorrow. :)

Jackie said...

I'm heading home to NY tomorrow from Georgia.
And by "heading," I mean driving.

all these blizzard posts are making me think my fifteen hour drive may be a bittt extended.

hope you're staying warm!



c.e.l.i.n.a said...

about time it really snowed!

Anonymous said...

I'm in southeast PA and we are getting slammed with snow. Be careful there in NY because I know you guys are getting hit hard too. It is beautiful but only if there is nowhere you need to go! :-)

Alexa said...

I hope you stay safe and sound. The weather is alarming as of the moment here in New Jersey, with snow piling up higher and higher every hour. Maybe it's a good time to stay in with a hot drink and a good book? :)

Alex said...

The blizzard is all over the news here! Looks super intense. My aunt and uncle live in Brooklyn and are none too excited about it either. Stay warm and safe!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

that house is beautiful! as are you, duh.

Bridget said...

i hear nyc is getting pummeled with snow! we are too in boston but i think you guys got more!

merry christmas, meg!

Shorty said...

Beautiful house in the pic!