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monday morning revelation.

you think you're immune to such things as the dreamy doctor in blue scrubs.

you're not susceptible to such cliches. you're...(dare you say it), better than that.

and one morning you wake up and life is as it's always been.

and you climb the hill to subway. the hill that you've climbed so many times before.

and then there in the distance, on the corner, is the cut of a man. a man in that unmistakable blue. and you get it. you finally get that thing that has for so long eluded you. and as edith piaf would say, heaven have mercy.

and everything is different and life has humbled you. because yes. yes. you too love the cliche.


Cas said...

Same thing happened to me the other day.
And this, from a girl who had a roommate in medical school.
So saw far too many of those men in scrubs.
And witnessed far too many episodes of arrogance.
Those creamy green scrubs would never. Could never.
But there he was.
Aisle 3 in the grocery store.


Jay said...

Every now and then you just have to give to a good cliche ;)

Laura Marie said...

men in uniform, i tell ya... i swear it's something about seeing them in their element--maybe because that's also where they show the most confidence?

or, of course, maybe we're just suckers.

Camilla Leila said...

i love the cliches.

They exist for a reason...

SWOON. i'm a sucker for a man in scrubs.

Rachel said...

Sigh that's a cliche for a reason.

Shanley said...

but this was my WEEK! god, I wish you and I could get coffee and just gab for a while.

hope you're doing well.

kerrie elaine said...

as van morrison sings in the song Madame George, "and the loves to love the love...."


Em & Gar said...

So, I've been dying to know, what is your take on the P57 classes? Is it worth it to order the videos?? Give me the dirt! :)xo