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i spent my sunday morning at a two year old's birthday party.

and i'm not gonna lie. sometimes there's nothing better than that. 


elmo cuppycake from buttercup


AbbieBabble said...

Sometimes that is exactly the perfect thing to do. In fact, I think I could really use a two-year-old's birthday party right now. Especially with Elmo cupcakes!

jess said...

those cupcakes turned out sooo cute.. a 2 year old's birthday sounds like just the place to be!!!
you're totally invited to a "one-derland" party on dec. 18!

MandyJean said...

Awe fun! My little brother turns five next month. You're inspiring me to bake him cute cupcakes! lol

Camilla Leila said...

MORE ELMO CUPCAKES! i want those at my birthday party this year.

i definitely thing it's the just the right thing, sometimes.