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the bruises go away,
and so does how you hate,
and so does the feeling that
everything you receive from life
is something you have earned.

everything is illuminated
jonathan safran foer


stacey rodriguez said...

beautiful. and sad. letting go of the illusion that we have made the world we stand upon can be devastating.
i haven't read any of his books yet but this is another reason to. :)

m.a.f said...

oh stacey for the love of all that is good and holy in this world read his books! please, please, i entreat you--read them!

Emily said...

True words. I learn that my life is what I have earned every day.

Jacob C. said...

so true.
so deep.
earning = what you get.
that's how it works!
great post!

kara lynn said...

so true. i would love to take a peak at your book shelve someday. or not because i may get lost in there for a while. =] and dear meg the cupcake thing is on. i'm back. i emailed you a week or so ago with my contact info. maybe it got lost. but i'm looking forward to meeting up with you soon!