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because i've been feasting on quotes today...

Your heart is like a great river after a long spell of rain, spilling over its banks. All signposts that once stood on the ground are gone, inundated and carried away by that rush of water. And still the rain beats down on the surface of the river. Every time you see a flood like that on the news you tell yourself: That’s it. That’s my heart.


thank you to the gorgeous reader
who sent this my way.


Sal said...

is it from Haruki Murakami? if so I love his books.

hayden said...

My brain doesn't know exactly what this quote is saying, but my heart knows that it's saying it exactly right.


Jacob C. said...

oh wow.
this actually dug really deep.
love <3<3
This literally made me search down deep to find the meaning of this in relevance to me!

Mrs. Blimes said...

beautiful, thank you for sharing. :0)