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i have another confession to make.

i am an unbelievably fearful person.

so much of my life is dictated by what scares me. and there is much, much that scares me.

on top of that i embarrass easily.

these are not good qualities. i know. these things preclude me from doing so much. from taking risks and having fun and getting into just the right amount of trouble.

but i'm working on it.

and as i work on it i cling to these words:

"there is no security on this earth. only opportunity."

oh, yes, of course...opportunity. ok, i choose opportunity. and i'll work on the fear thing along the way.

quote by general douglas macarthur


kara lynn said...

i cannot say more how very often i relate to your blog posts. often. fear, embarrassment. you got it right on. i often have to think that fear is good--meaning if i'm not feeling it i'm not progressing anywhere. or else i'm a hermit.
thanks for your blog. i will admit it is probably my favorite. :]

Brittany said...

there's a lot of things that I don't do because i'm afraid of being embarrassed/embarassing. i wish that wasn't the case. i wish i put myself out there more and took more risks. thanks for reminding me and i'm glad i'm not the only one.

Ritika said...

This is unbelievably my story… I am so fearful and get embarrassed so easily and so often, it’s almost scary… and I am going to cling to those words too, and yes I will choose opportunity too.

J. said...

I get this. I could go on and on about how/why I relate to this, but I will just leave it simple...

ALFIE said...

i find i have only one fear.


which ends up making me afraid of anything i've never done. or can't be assured i will do perfectly.

so this is what i work on. loving my sloppy failures. and relishing the fact that i don't have to be perfect.

and that, really, i don't want to be.

love the quote you've included here :)

Ali said...

Me too. I find myself dealing with this often. But there are times in my life where I've told myself to "get over it and just be you. Silly me. Crazy me." And those have been my most fond memories and years of my life so far. I applaud you for acting on stage too. This I could never do. That scares ME. so kudos to you and your fearless adventure. :)

jdavissquared said...

This reminds me so much of my young 20 something self! I've seen the fear fading over the last couple years (I turn 30 in the next couple weeks). I think it's something that goes away with age. Hang in there!

Taylor Yves said...

this is pretty convicting. makes me think of a maya angelou quote along the lines of "i've been afraid my entire life, and it's never stopped me from doing anything." i have to tell myself that a million times a day.

Sarah-lucy said...

Me too. A few months ago I realized I don't really know how to feel when I'm NOT afraid. That's how much time I spend being afraid.

but you are taking the opportunity right now. you're NOT letting your fears preclude you from doing something.