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on not eating meat.

so i gave up eating meat going on a year now.

i wouldn't call myself a vegetarian, because if the craving calls, i'll answer.
but for the most part i choose not to partake. and i love how it makes me feel--like i'm doing my small part for the environment. not to mention i'm more confident about what exactly it is i'm putting in my body.
(yes, i take longer to choose an item off the menu. and yes this is a pain for my dining-out companion, but small trade-offs, you know)?

so i've been craving chili for going on two months now. i don't know why i think of it as a summer food--i know, i know, it is a winter food, but there you have it--and my mother graciously accepted the challenge of making vegetarian chili. but not just vegetarian...vegetarian chili sans any kind of canned tomato.

and canned tomatos are number one.

it was the same article that had me convincing my mother to get the alaskan salmon at the fish counter yesterday. atlantic salmon is out of the question, i said. it's farm raised--the fish are kept in unbelievably close quarters and fed grains. the alaskan salmon was 13 dollars more per pound, but my mother kindly obliged.

look, i know 13 dollars is a big leap in price. in any economy. but the benefit to the health and environment (in my opinion) far outweighs the cost.

my parents often take all the information i spew with a grain of salt (keep in mind i was raised in a household that had grilled chicken for dinner every night). and you know what? i get it. i get why they're weary of some of the things i have to say. (often because i'm not terribly articulate with the facts). but they've been so supportive and willing to try.

and the thing is... i think this process of reevaluating our food's impact has given us all a little extra to chew on. (euf, bad pun, so bad! but i couldn't resist).


can't make the leap the becoming a full-time vegetarian? maybe you don't have to. check out this TED video.

and again, please, please peruse the aforementioned article. i've not been able to stop thinking about it since i read it over a month ago.

okay, okay. soapbox/infomercial, whatever this ended up becoming...fin.


gigi said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that article. I just emailed it to my mom.

Also, that chili looks amazing and I don't think it's weird that you've been craving chili in the summertime. Is there a recipe?

jessica renae said...

yes! i love these articles and all this food-thinking direction! i've been a whole-foodie for some time now, and believe it's the only way to truly live. if you ever want a few killer vegetarian whole food (no canned tomatoes) chili recipes, call my name! i'd be happy to oblige!

Katie said...

I would die of happiness if you posted the recipe...just sayin':).

you're so funny and fun to read and I love love love you!

Michal said...

I'm so glad you're taking a healthy perspective on vegetarianism/saving the environment. If being a vegetarian for so many years hadn't perturbed me from any form of meat, I would act much the same (in the "when the craving calls" sense.)

Also, thank you for the article. It's fantastic.

Nostalgia said...

Thank you for posting this!

I enjoy your blog a lot and write comments, which at the last minute I decide not to submit (they sound too wordy, etc).
I am a part-time vegetarian (I am Russian Orthodox, and we have almost half days of each year devoted to fasting, which means avoiding meat and dairy products). Those are times I feel the best! DETOXICATED! Headaches don't seem to appear, body feels lighter and stronger at the same time.
SO happy that there are people - you are - who avoid farm raised fish!
A teacher at our music school told me that she became a vegetarian after watching Fast food nation. The movie made me more aware, but didn't make into vegetarian (as I said, I am PT already). Though watching the next movie - Food, Inc - made it impossible for me to order meat in restaurants. (It's on stream on Netflix - everyone should watch it!).
I am sure, you also know about this list: http://www.foodnews.org/fulllist.php. Starting from item #21 I buy only organic.
I so agree with you: "the benefit to the health and environment far outweighs the cost".
Your mom sounds so so sweet. And chilly looks so good. I will be craving chilly now!

Erica Newhouse-Kasper said...

How funny we both wrote about tomatoes. The chili looks wonderful and best to your mom. xx

Fairfield said...

Love that article.


Shoshana (aka Susan) said...

Here's my question- does the issue with canned tomatoes also include canned tomato paste? And what's the difference between tomatoes and any other canned acidic product?

Mrs. B said...

Yay for you!! I limit the salmon we eat because I don't buy farm raised. It can be difficult...so much of what is produced & distributed is BAD. But, I try. Good for you Meg!! & oh to see your parents' faces when you start some of your informative sessions :D

ALFIE said...

i've been a vegetarian for a year now. i'd been grappling with the idea for a few years---and when i finally made the leap--i felt fabulous!!

i always love hearing from other people who have made the decision to acknowledge the mistreatment of animals. the mistreatment of US--the people-- secondary to the antibiotics/hormones given to animals. who have plunged head first into the land of grain and veg :)

thanks for sharing this article! can't wait to dig into it!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Recipe, recipe - that looks so good!

Anonymous said...

yum! looks great
sorry i was behind on your posts.
4 day concert
but i'm back :)

Jenn said...

What a fabulous blog!! I read your about me and loved that too!! You have had such a great life already! I will def. keep reading! :) Jenn

Lola said...

I gave up meat a couple of years ago now too and I've never felt better. I ate a quarter pounder a few months after giving up meat (I know, I know) and I was curled in the fetal position for hours afterward. worst. pain. ever. I'm not sure I could eat meat now if I wanted to (which sometimes, like after seeing that pic of steaming fajitas, I admit I do).

And I would also be ever so obliged if you posted your mother's veggie chili recipe. Looks beyond delish.

Kara said...

wow - great article! i knew about the horomones in the milk... but the canned tomatoes and microwave popcorn blew my mind! i just shared this on my facebook page... thanks for the info! xo

Bubbly Thing said...

Hy , i share the same view , i stop eating eating meat last year , i wanted to control what i eat and probably eat more healthy too.
I don't consider myself a complete veggie because when i feel the need to eat meet i did it . (only chicken) , despite my family's objection i'm fine with it and i decide to continue in this direction.
Even if my friends really hate me when they invite me for dinner at their house !!!!
Thanks for the article , i usually buy atlantic salmon but i'll probably be more careful now with it!