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root bear floats. and a tangential reaching out to the makers of soda water.

yesterday after a run to the grocery store for some soda water (dear: canada dry, perrier, pellegrino, i am still waiting for you to offer me a sponsorship deal. let me give you a hint, i belong to the highest bidder--and by highest bidder i mean the company willing to offer me a lifetime supply of their product.) i stopped at sonic. i went inside. and was totally thrown by the red buttons and large display boards. ha! i had forgotten how sonic works.

i pressed the button.

and found the whole thing a bit disconcerting: like oz behind the curtain.

but in the end i got my root beer float, delivered on skates. and immediately i felt like i was twelve years old all over again driving with my mom in the car down a texas highway.


Noodles and Waffles said...

The Ultimate Drink Stop. Love it!

iheartkiwi said...

i love this story! i grew up in new mexico and the sonic drive-in was always quite the hot spot... very cosmopolitan i know :)

i hope you are enjoying your utah adventure my dear!

Cas said...

Absolutely order a club soda with extra limes.
So refreshing!
(Plus, carbonation without the caffeination... stickin' it to the man!)


Anonymous said...

oh, sonic. it elludes me a little, too, so i always make my husband order when we go :D

brlracincwgrl said...

Oh, how I love Sonic! It's simply the best, especially late at night!

ALFIE said...

sonic! they recently built a few sonic's here in michigan. but i haven't gone. i haven't had the "sonic experience" since i was down in north carolina a few summer's ago. perhaps a trip there is in order. a root beer float delivered on skates sounds like the perfect summer adventure.

katherine h. said...

diet strawberry limeade. nothing natural, all delicious.

Breanna said...

I wish we had a sonic in my town! The closest one is like an hour & a half away. I've never been to one before (which few people can believe!)


Heather said...

hehe! Were you at the sonic by Macey's? Macey's is where I shop for grocery's in Provo. Also, I just heard that Pirates of Penzance is playing at the outside 'castle ampitheatre'. Here's the link for it if you're interested: http://www.csmtc.com/

I happen to love pirates of penzance, especially when Kevin Kline is in it. Sadly, he is not here in Provo :)

Ariel said...

haha i love these photos.

megan said...

Dear Meg,

I don't know if anyone has told you but SLC has a lovely, little surprise during the Summer in the form of 'The Twilight Concert Series'


Hopefully this is old news to you and you're able to go to a few :]

And hopefully Utah is treating you well!

Belen said...

the closest sonic is about 3 cities away from me. i've always wanted to go! luckily that city isn't too far.. but then itd be sorta weird to need to drive so far to simply eat there, haha.